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Feb 15, 2007 11:09 AM

Glatt Ala Carte, Brooklyn

How is the place? any good?

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  1. my company took a bunch of us out there for a party and it was very good, its lemarais prices, but also a very good quality. the steaks are aged and i highly recommend the brisket eggrolls, and the four onion beef fillet

    1. Food is excellent, and expensive. Breaded veal is top notch and excellent sweet breads.
      Plus you get to eat alongside some of Boro Park's top fressers.
      Always a treat.

      1. Does anyone know why Meal Mart on Avenue M is closed?

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        1. re: ruchie

          Was told there was a gas leak, it was opened today, I got my shabbos stuff :)

        2. Glatt A La Carte is excellent, and I would say that it is perhaps a more convenient type of Jeff Nathan restaurant. They have great appetizers- me and my friend ordered the spare ribs and sweet breads, both of which were well seasoned, and we had steaks, which had prime flavor. The mashed potatoes were also great- they are smart to use Yukon Gold potatoes, which have a natural butter flavor, eliminating the need for artificial butter-flavorings. The desserts were also spot-on.

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            Went here last night with 3 others. The side dishes were tasty and the dessert was excellent, but I was not impressed with the quality of the meat. 2 of us had a rib steak, 1 had the sino steak, and 1 had chicken. The meat was tough and chewy.

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              Breaded veal is their bread and (pareve) butter

          2. The original comment has been removed