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Feb 15, 2007 11:07 AM

Name of restaurant in Lunenburg

A couple of years ago, we went to this place in Lunenburg, near the Spinnaker Inn (Montague St.) and we ate at this little restaurant that served French food and Sushi (he was French/French CDN and she was Japanese -- couple owned it). Is it still there and does anyone know what it was/is called?

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  1. No ideas? I really can't remember!!!!

    1. Fleur de Sel? Sounds like it. Not sure about the sushi, though. They are on Montague.

      Chef is Martin Ruiz Salvador
      "Upon graduating from the two year Le Cordon Bleu program at the Scottsdale Culinary Institute in Arizona, Martin has worked in various establishments in both Nova Scotia and Europe, including a Michelin One Star in Dublin, Ireland, Leon de Lyon, a Michelin Two Star under chef Jean Paul Lacombe, and for Chef Frederic Cote at Caro de Lyon, both in Lyon, France. "

      1. Nope... that's not it...... Thanks

        1. I was there in Lunenburg just a couple of weeks ago and I think that the place you recall must be gone. There is brand new restaurant, Il Trattoria, that we are looking forward to checking out next time we visit in that time, I will ask around and even look at the exact spot you have mentioned. Hang in there...I know how frustrating it is to be unable to find a much loved eatery! Are you planning on going there or just idle curiousity?

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            I assumed it was gone since I couldn't find a reference anywhere, but I wondered if someone knew what it was -- it would have been 4 years ago now.... :) I'm not going but it is the location basis of a short story that I am writing --- from something that happened there while we were eating there -- and I just wanted to authenticate the location... Thanks!

          2. Oh, Oh! I think I know.

            Fleur de Sel was actually a good guess. Before Martin and Sylvia came to Lunenburg and bought the place on Montague, it was called the Hillcroft Cafe, and they served sushi and fresh seafood. I never had the chance to eat there.

            I have been to Trattoria della Nonna, and will be reviewing it soon on my web site. (I'm just starting to write about food and wine again; I used to reviews restaurants for the Halifax Daily News and enRoute way back in the day (when both publications were much better than they are now, he wrote cattily :-)

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              That must be it! I don't think anyone else was doing sushi in the area - the sous / wife of chef was an expert in sushi rice making.... something like that! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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                L'burg is my home town where i grew up....I worked for many years at a restaurant "waitressing" ON Montague St.
                "Can't beat the water front"
                The restaurant you speak of....I'm pretty sure past owner's have moved.....