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Feb 15, 2007 10:59 AM

What's a short walk from Van Ness/Pine under $20?

Staying at the Holiday Inn Golden Gateway next week and looking for fairly inexpensive places to chow, breakast, lunch and dinner, preferably $20/person or less. Enjoy any and all cuisines. Appreciate your help!

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  1. In rough order of distance:

    Grubstake (greasy-spoon breakfast)
    Swan Oyster Depot
    Victor's Pizza (has slices)
    Cordon Bleu
    Thai House Express
    A La Turka
    Bodega Bistro
    Le Boulange de Polk (bakery)

    1. Gourmet Carousel is only a block away. Excellent cheap Chinese food. Corner of Franklin and Pine

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        Miller's East West Deli....NY style delicatessen..
        Polk Street

      2. If you can find a few more bucks, I would head to Polk on the north side of Broadway for Street, Tablespoon, Le Petite Robert, or Pesce. All are substantially better than anything mentioned so far.

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          Pesce's excellent and unique.

          I had a good meal at Le Petit Robert ( ),
          but I'd much rather go back to Thai House Express, A La Turka, or Bodega Bistro.

        2. Red Door Cafe at Larkin and California is a good place for breakfast.

          Grubstake has real Portuguese food until 3 or 4 in the morning.

          There's also a Whole Foods at California and Franklin, one block up hill, with a Peet's and a bakery.

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            I second Windy's Red Door Cafe recommendation. The breakfast food is well executed, the service is attentive without being intrusive, and the vibe is friendly. It seems like every person in there is a regular. Also, you get a really big cup of coffe in a real mug with your breakfast.

          2. I live in this area - my faves are Bell Tower at Polk and Jackson (California cuisine, easy going bar, lunch brunch and dinner) and House of Sushi at Polk and. . .Vallejo I think. Near Starbucks.
            And for cheap but delicious diner food, you must MUST go to New Village Cafe on Polk at California. Lots of people from the Holiday Inn go here, and lots of locals too. Simple diner breakfast. My husband and I stuff ourselves for $15 incl. tip. Anna and Dave take good care of their customers and they are open EVERY single day from 7:30 I think to 3:30. They are our honorary mom and dad.

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            1. re: Driver B

              What are your favorites at New Village Cafe?

              Walk down one block to Polk where most of these restaurants are located. The direction toward the bay has the better restaurants. Going in the other direction will yeild more dives. Under no circumstances eat breakfast at that Holiday Inn ... yuck.

              If you want food to take back to the hotel, there's a Whole Foods on California with a prepared food counter.