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Zagat announces discussion boards


It's a free feature as of now.

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  1. "(Least) Favorite TV Food Personalities 163 replies"

    This is the most active topic, by far. That tells me about all I need to know.

    1. Chris VR - That's a bit presumptious, no?

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      1. re: AveryP

        I don't think so. I can't stomach those types of discussions on this site. I don't need to join a new site where that's the most active topic.

        1. re: Chris VR

          There would be 163,000 posts on Chowhound if the moderators didn't remove them.

          There are still at least a thousand. The moderators can't keep up with the haters.

      2. FWIW, I was included in the group that "previewed" the site several weeks ago. They posed three "test questions," and the one you are so disdainful of was one of those. I'm sure that accounts, at least in part, for the large number of responses. There have been no new responses to that thread since January 24th.

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        1. re: ChefJune

          Actually ChefJune the last reply to this thread was today. It seems that this discussion has been going on since Jan. (as you stated). . .though I have yet to post on their boards, I do find this discussion interesting and quite humorous.

          1. re: ChefJune

            It doesn't look that way to me. The thread's still active.

            I was in a crabby mood and certainly could have phrased it more diplomatically, but, especially if that was one of the test questions the administrators launched the site with, it seems they are targeting a market that's more interested in talking about the food scene than food. I'm not in that market, so it's not a site I'll spend time on.

            Mind you, I don't think that's a bad strategy. They need a niche, and if that's the one they are targeting, it's a pretty big one. Anyway, I think there's plenty of room for more food forums, so good luck to them.

          2. Unfortunately, the Zagat's boards are pretty much useless to anyone that doesn't live in or isn't visiting New York, Boston, SF, L.A. and Chicago.

            Sure, there are discussion like the one above, but that isn't much of a lure to me as I want to know more about the places to eat and what will tickle my palate.

            Since there is no Phoenix board, I have no reason to visit. In the end, I am sure we will both be happy it turned out that way.

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            1. re: Seth Chadwick

              They don't provide a place to discuss Twin Cities chow, either. Blah.


              1. re: The Dairy Queen

                Do they have a forum for discussing how to do craft projects using the Zagat publications, like decorative door stops, paper weights, sandwich press weights, Christmas ornaments...

            2. They've got a "Tipping on Home Delivery" thread and a general tipping thread too! Maybe that will siphon off some of those posts from here. One can only hope.

              1. The LA board is actually quite useless. I'd imagine that anyone who wants to post will post on CH first and then possibly post on Zagat.

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                1. re: SauceSupreme

                  I also think that people who come here are a lot different than those who choose to go to Zagat. Different mindsets if you will.

                  1. re: AveryP

                    When I go to zagat.com, they always want me to pay before they'll give me any information.

                    Based on past experience, they don't have any information I can't get free elsewhere.

                    1. re: Robert Lauriston

                      It depends - if you want to see the actual Zagat rating, then you have to subscribe. Otherwise membership is free.

                      1. re: AveryP

                        The Zagat ratings are just a popularity poll, useful only for identifying the usual suspects. I could get more or less the same list by skimming the review archive of a local paper, or from the annual reader survey of a local free weekly.

                        Other stuff on their site may be free, but what else on their site is of even marginal interest?

                        1. re: AveryP

                          No, if you fill out a single restaurant rating online, you used to get the Zagat guide for your city for free. And in those guides, you could get the rating. Granted, it wasn't until the following year, but still.....

                        2. re: Robert Lauriston

                          For some reason, if you sign up for the forums (currently free) , you can see restaurant reviews. I really don't get what a subscription would get me. I don't really know how restrictive the sight because it is such a snooze so I didn't spend too much time there. The sign up is funny too. Address is requried. I hope Ms. M. Mouse who lives at 123 Main St in Anaheim, CA never signs up for Zagut. Rather cold sign up. No welcome email

                          Also, kind of funny, they tried to correct all the problems of other food forums including Chowhound and really screwed things up. It is a difficult to use, disjointed sight.

                          The 'Recommendations, please' ... known on CH as "Coming to xxx for three perfect days what's do I eat' really cracks me up. The theory is good. Take that out of the mainstream. However, it is going over as expected. Unless you are looking for a recommendation, why in the world would anyone read that? So the recs are zilch.

                          They also had a fast food survey. That's a help ... just in case i'm unfamiliar with fast food joints that are on every corner. Then again, it could be useful ... for Zagat. It got them a spot on the Today show with the results.

                          The one useful thing they had on that site ... which I wish Chow had ... is a menu link. Yet even that isn't great. It is only for restaurants reviewed and not even every restuarnat. If they had a Zuni menu, that might be something. For menus, Menupages is much better.