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Feb 15, 2007 09:20 AM

Portland- healthy/light luncheon


I'm looking to take a friend out to brunch/lunch on a Saturday. Both of us are interested in lighter and healthier fare, preferably in the Pearl or downtown Portland. Le Pigeon sounds great but after a week of eating rich food, our bodies need a break! Any suggestions? Better yet, is there a raw restaurant in town?

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  1. Blossoming Lotus has some raw things.

    1. Blossoming Lotus is great and definitely hits the raw angle. If you do break down and can handle some more rich food, Blue Hour in the Pearl District (I believe on Everett Street) has a nice brunch. Some raw, too, but you have to get creative with the ordering. Good luck, let us know where you end up. Thanks!

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        I wasn't that impressed with Bluehour's brunch. Spendy, but not as good a quality as the better breakfast places around town for many items. I'd rather hit The Daily Cafe.

        You could do a place like Silk (Pho Van) for midscale Vietnamese. I always like Wildwood on Saturdays for lunch. They should have plenty of lighter items even this time of year.

      2. How about Nick's Coney Island?

        ...sorry, bad sense of humor (for more see post under chili pdx string)

        1. I really like Daily Cafe too! I actually planned on Blue Hour first, but my friend asked for something more budget friendly. It's hard to try new places in town sometimes because I return to the ones I like all the time so I have to make an effort to try new places :-) Thanks for the heads up on Blossoming Lotus! Right now, it's toss up between that and Chef Tucker's Patissiere (even though it's not light at all!)

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            I haven't been to Chef Tucker's, but so far the word has been mixed at best.

          2. Everett Street Bistro has very nice lunches with nice salads, light fare.
            Lately I have had Pho at Silk about once a week, definitely light and delicious.
            Jo Bar on NW23rd , next to Papa Haydn has some nice lunch options too.