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Feb 15, 2007 09:19 AM

I dislike celery!

And so many dishes call for chopped celery and carrots (btw, I also hate cooked carrots). Like soups, stews, etc. And they call for what would amount to 2 or 3 stalks of celery. What do I do with the rest? It won't be good if I freeze it for use later, will it? Thx.

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  1. i stopped using celery in my stocks and soups long ago. i like eating it raw, but it brings a bitterness to dishes that i don't care for. btw, thomas keller agrees. :) carrots, however add a sweetness.

    if you dislike them, and don't like the finished product in which they're involved, just don't use them.

    oh, and no, it doesn't freeze well at all.

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      actually, it freezes great for stock/soup use
      I'm not in love with celery either, but it makes sense in plenty of recipes

    2. I dislike celery, too, and always leave it out of recipes. When my parents go on vacation and clean out their fridge, they give me theirs. I go to a Little Farm in a local park and feed it to the goats. I don't think you can freeze it, so just skip it.

      1. I leave it out of everything except for my stuffing and then I chop it really fine.

        I cannot stand the taste of celery - I even pick it out of canned soups.

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          1. I don't mind celery, but never buy it because it always goes to waste. If you like the flavor but not the texture or if its mere presence is annoying, try using celery salt. It gives a subtle flavor of celery (that you can control) without having to use or buy fresh celery.

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              Celery seed has the flavor without the sodium.