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Feb 15, 2007 09:15 AM

Birthday cake suggestions near Arlington?

Usually go to either Quebrada or Rosie's - but want to branch out a bit - this is for a kid's birthday party, but for parents who like to eat good stuff too. Any suggestions? Thinking about Lydells (??) near Ball Sq in S'ville - anything else?


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  1. I really like Lyndell's. They make great kid's cakes. I ordered my neice a "cinderella" themed cake and she couldn't have been more thrilled. While your there try their 1/2 moon cookies.. yum:)

    1. Definitely Lyndell's. About the best in the area....

      1. Lakota Bakery, Mass Ave, Arlington Heights.

        The cakes are as wonderful as the cookies. All sorts of options for fillings, frostings and sizes. You won't regret it. Lakota will please all ages but really appeal to a more sophisticated palate. Just stop in an check it out. They usually have samples.

        Lyndell's is perfect for a classic kid's bday cake.

        1. Another option is Whole Foods in Cambridge which does a nice cake too. They do a nice job decorating as well if you have something special in mind.

          1. I love Quebrada's cakes. That said, just wanted to mention that there is a really sweet cafe (breakfast lunch and baked goods, nice atmosphere and kid friendly) that recently opened in Arlington just outside of the center towards the Heights. It's on the right after the big intersection after Town Hall (by fabric corner). They have really good baked goods and advertised making cakes with fillings and the like that sounded good.