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Birthday cake suggestions near Arlington?

Usually go to either Quebrada or Rosie's - but want to branch out a bit - this is for a kid's birthday party, but for parents who like to eat good stuff too. Any suggestions? Thinking about Lydells (??) near Ball Sq in S'ville - anything else?


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  1. I really like Lyndell's. They make great kid's cakes. I ordered my neice a "cinderella" themed cake and she couldn't have been more thrilled. While your there try their 1/2 moon cookies.. yum:)

    1. Definitely Lyndell's. About the best in the area....

      1. Lakota Bakery, Mass Ave, Arlington Heights.

        The cakes are as wonderful as the cookies. All sorts of options for fillings, frostings and sizes. You won't regret it. Lakota will please all ages but really appeal to a more sophisticated palate. Just stop in an check it out. They usually have samples.

        Lyndell's is perfect for a classic kid's bday cake.

        1. Another option is Whole Foods in Cambridge which does a nice cake too. They do a nice job decorating as well if you have something special in mind.

          1. I love Quebrada's cakes. That said, just wanted to mention that there is a really sweet cafe (breakfast lunch and baked goods, nice atmosphere and kid friendly) that recently opened in Arlington just outside of the center towards the Heights. It's on the right after the big intersection after Town Hall (by fabric corner). They have really good baked goods and advertised making cakes with fillings and the like that sounded good.

            1. Just a warning about Lyndell's... I got a chocolate cake there and found it sweet to the point of being a bit disgusting. So best for folks with serious sweet tooths.

              I do like their cupcakes very much, though. I think maybe because the frosting:cake ratio is a bit lower for those?

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                When ordering something that is sheet-cake based, an easy way to cut the sweetness factor is to order whipped cream frosting instead of buttercream. May not be an option for a highly decorated cake (cinderella, etc) or glazed cake, but discuss it and figure out what they can accomodate. I prefer Royal in East Cambridge to Lyndell's, but that's my preference.

              2. Lyndell's is our go-to bakery for all b-day cakes (actually, all of our not-homemade cakes are purchased at Lyndell's) . . . flowers, Dora, Cinderella, Sesame Street, whatever will tickle her fancy. It IS traditional bakery cake - very sweet w/super sweet frosting (a fav of ours) - nothing upscale or yuppified. Their prices are very reasonable and their product is always fresh. And yes, their half moons are tops, too!

                1. I have purchased birthday cakes from both Lyndell's and Quebrada... and I MUCH prefer the cakes from Quebrada. Lyndell's, as others have noted, are very sweet - too much for my taste. In addition, I think that the basic cake itself that Quebrada serves is much better.

                  1. Oh goodness, when did Lakota start baking cakes or did they always. I miss their cookies!!!

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                      Been doing cakes for many, many years thinking back on all of the cakes I've ordered for bridal showers and other special occasions. They are simply sublime and I'm thinking it's time to celebrate something so that I have an excuse to indulge. Got a box of the cookies from my Valentine (he's well trained and carries a list of my favorites in his wallet) although no list is really needed. It's all better than good!

                    2. Not a kiddie cake but Hoff's in Medford is my chocolate cake loving hubby and in-laws go to place: http://hoffsbakery.com/retail.aspx.

                      Chocolate Tornado and one of the chocolate w/ raspberry has been the favorites. I think Hoff's supplies a bunch of restaurants with chocolate cake dessert.