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Feb 15, 2007 09:05 AM

Dinner near 37th and lex

Any place to recommend for dinner in that area, especially after a long flight - flying in from Rome and I expect weì'll be jet lagged and want to eat near the hotel.

On a different topic, my italian friend has read all about ny hot pretzels and now can't wait to try one. My last trip home, I found all the street pretzels to be gross. Any cart to recommend?


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  1. Are you staying at the Shelburne? If so, get a burger at Rare right in the hotel.

    1. Wu Liang Ye on 39th and Lex for some good spicy sichuan chinese food.

      And most street pretzels are going to be subpar. If you want really good soft pretzels, go to Loreley on Rivington and Bowery. its a german biergarten with fantastic pretzels and great beers.

      1. Try Hudson Place on 36th and 3rd, suprisingly good babyback ribs.

        1. RICE will probably deliver to your hotel room, they're on Lexington and -- I think -- 28th Street. Great healthier options with lots of international (if not exactly authentic) twists.

          1. I love Penelope on 30th and Lex. It's this homey toasty little restaurant with decently priced, delicious, and fresh food. And decent wines.