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Feb 15, 2007 09:03 AM

Coconut Sugar

I'm seeking the help of some industrious chowhounds to track down proper thai coconut sugar. I realise that the dried, hockey puck-shaped 'coconut sugar' is available in most chinese supermarkets but what i'm looking for is more akin to caramel: i.e.: sweet, soft and sticky.

Can anyone help?

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  1. I had been on a hunt for palm sugar (Is that the same as coconut sugar?) as it was an ingredient in the pad thai recipe from Salad King. I had heard a CBC radio show, and the recipe was posted on the CBC website. I haven't made it yet, but I did find the palm sugar at Singh Grocery. It's just east of Hwy 27 on Albion Rd. Great samosas too. The sugar is called "jaggery goor" and is most likely available at any Indian food store.

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    1. re: Yongeman

      Palm sugar and coconut sugar are almost the same. You can go to any branch of
      T&T Supermarket and find the product there.

    2. If palm sugar is the same as coconut sugar I buy mine at the House of Spice in Kensington market. I find it really makes a difference in SE Asian cooking.

      I also get unprocessed cane sugar at Perola which gets added to my Latin dishes.

      1. I can't help, but gosh that sounds delicious!
        reminds me a bit of Maltose that I use to eat by the spoonful as a kid.

        why do you need this particular type of coconut sugar?

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        1. re: orangewasabi

          i'm trying to track it down so i can make pad thai from a recipe i picked up while in thailand over new year. it's fantastic (the sugar...well the pad thai recipe too). not overpoweringly sweet and very nutty.

        2. Coconut sugar and palm sugar are quite similar and are used in SE Asian cooking. Here's a link to an overview of the two and how they differ:

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          1. re: midtowngirl

            That is a great link, thanks! And I followed it to a kickass Pad Thai recipe also!

          2. Thanks for all the suggestions. In the same spirit, if anyone knows where i can get heinz (that's right, the same as the ketchup) sweet chili sauce-- not the thick tomato-y one gotten at most grocers, the one you get in thailand-- i'd be ever grateful.

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            1. re: yoyodyne

              If you're not married to the Heinz variety, Thai Kitchen makes a good sweet chili sauce. Otherwise, check the Asian grocers on Spadina just north of Dundas - they're bound to have what you're looking for. Now you've got me curious about the coconut sugar and inspired me to dig up some of the recipes from my last trip to Thailand. Oh, I miss the food there...

              1. re: peppermint pate

                Thanks for the tip! I miss the food in thailand too.