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Feb 15, 2007 08:57 AM

Chinatow Brasserie - review needed

I am heading to Manhattan in a few weeks to meet up with some friends and i saw a review on TV for this place, it's at 380 Lafayette (& Great Jones). Anyone hear of it?

Any reivews?


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    1. It's another nightclub/restaurant with an Asian theme. This one, unlike Bukkakan, is not good. I've had better shrimp with black bean sauce at my local take out joint.

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        Have you had any dim sum items?

        1. re: BronxBoy

          i have the exact opposite view. buddakan was very scene-y, and is a beautiful space but the food was mediocre at best. while some dishes were hits, others, like their general tso's dumplings were an abomination.

          i haven't had any dishes at CB, but have had a number of dim sum items. all were very tasty with high quality ingredients and bursting with flavor.

        2. Do not go there. I have eaten at many Chinese/Asian Fusion places in the city and took my girlfriend here a couple weeks ago. We were both very disappointed. The service, atmosphere and food were horrible.

          We had a 9pm reservation and were not seated until 945. Service was as porr as I have ever received and were sitting on top of another couple and could hear their entire conversation because you have to yell above the loud music.

          On to the food........we stated off with the lobster tempura and some dumplings from the dim sum menu and also got the chicken lettuce wraps. The lettuce wraps had no chicken and tasted like sauce with nothing in it but pine nuts. The dumplins and lobster were average at best. We aredered a beef and chicken entree and both were dishes you could order at your local chinese restaurant for 1/3 the price. The sechuan beef was beef smothered in a brown sauce.

          The entire experience from start to finish was one of the worst I have had in the city and I eat out rather frequently. Hope this helps.

          1. I concur with Bronx Boy. Buddakan is much better. The food and atmosphere are better. The best place to sit it sdownstairs in a room called the "library". It is very quiet and intimate with a secret bar down there. If you can get a table I recommend you go there.

            1. Chinatown Braserie is good. No complaints. Great service and menu. I'd DEFINITELY reccomend it OVER Buddakan.