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Feb 15, 2007 08:50 AM

sobe supermarkets near carlyle hotel (ocean dr)?

Staying at the Carlyle on Ocean Avenue and we have a fridge. What are my options for supermarkets to get fresh fish, meat, produce and such? I'm not renting a car so bus/walking distance is best. Thanks.

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  1. You have plenty of options! Here is a website that can help you out:

    1. Carlyle is at 12th & Ocean. At 15th & Washington (Washington's 2 short blocks west of Ocean) there's the "Art Deco" supermarket but I've not been and can't vouch for quality.

      Epicure Market (16th & Alton Road - Alton is about 10 blocks, or about 1 mile, west of Ocean Dr.) is a gourmet market w/ full produce, meat & fish selection, all good quality, and very expensive.

      There's a Wild Oats at 10th & Alton which is a little closer.

      1. Epicure and wild oats are your best bets. Both are a short cab ride away