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Cheap steaks

Can anyone suggest a place in Manhattan with quality steaks that are less than $30? Preferably rib eyes.

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    1. No ribeye, but I love the steaks at Pampa.

      1. Azul bistro - 16oz Ribeye comes with a side of fries and chimichurri sauce.

        1. You can share a delicious t-bone at The Knickerbocker on University & 9th. The steak for one will feed two, comes with potatoes and fabulous creamed spinach and will be in your price range.

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            Actually the T-Bone for two at Knickerbocker will cost $36.50 per person. The OP was looking for under $30.

            I'll 2nd Azul - the 16 oz.ribeye there costs $21.

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              I believe tsiblis meant the steak for one to share between two people.

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                THat would make for some pretty skimpy portions. The attached picture of the "steak for one" is from Knickerbocker's website.

            2. Soho Steak- if it's still around.

              1. Amazing prime new york strip steaks at Ottomanelli New York Grill on 93rd and Lex -- $15 for steak with potatoes and veggies. Quality of the meat is terrific and they cook the steaks perfectly to order.

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                  I don't know if I'd call it amazing, but it's the best steak you can get for under $20 in my opinion.

                2. Chimichurri Grill on 9th Avenue has pretty reasonably priced, tasty steaks. not sure if they have a ribeye though.

                  Skirt steak is delicious though.

                  1. Cafe Ronda and share the Parrillada between two people (it's plenty enough to feed 3 and I eat a lot).

                    1. Huoston's on Park Ave.

                      1. Tads! Just kidding. Actually the Fairway Cafe, above Fairway Supermarket. I think its $34, but it does come with fries!!

                        1. I second Pampa. 99th, I think, and Amsterdam. Best 'cheap' steak i'v had in the city.

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                          1. We go to the Knickerbocker regularly and two of us share the steak for one - happily as they're very generous with the sides, and we generally split a caesar salad to start, so the poster could do this within the budget. It doesn't provide a huge portion of steak but it is definitely adequate - and the fabulous corn bread is filling also. I've had the steak at Pampa and it's ok, but we didn't think the quality or taste compares to the Knick. Plus the atmosphere is nicer at the Knick, far more comfortable.

                            1. While I know this posting is rather old...and hasn't been touched since 2007, it's the first one that comes up when you search on Google for "great cheap steak NYC" - so I thought I'd save anyone else who reads it some heartache by letting you know that, while The Pampa might have been a GREAT source of GOOD cheap steaks, it has officially closed for good :( VERY sad indeed. I hope we can find another place for SOLID quality cheap steaks in the city to replace it!

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                                Pampa has closed, but it's been replaced by another Argentinean restaurant called La Rural (Amsterdam just south of 98th, BTW). I haven't tried the steaks, though you can search for other reviews.