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Feb 15, 2007 08:44 AM

Little Next Door

The husband and I spent our Valentine's Day walking to restaurants in our neighborhood for a bite. Breakfast at Doughboys, lunch at Joan's on Third, then picked up dinner to bring home at Little Next Door. Every single item we purchased at Little Next Door was delicious, including polenta with specks of marguez, grated cheese on top and a tomato based sauce. Polenta is in the shape of the Little Door cat logo. A wild mushroom chausson was earthy and tasty, with a perfect crust. The goat cheese tart was my husband's favorite, with a light flavor and a flaky crust. We also got one order of beef - six or seven thin slices of tender beef with a creamy dill sauce on the side. For dessert we had three of the tiny macaron's, pistachio, chocolate and strawberry. All were lovely but the pistachio was a real standout. This was our first visit to Little Next Door since its opening and we were very pleased. Am wondering about Little Next Door's consistency. Anyone else have an experience to share at this place?

By the way, lunch was so nuts at Joan's, it felt like a packed tour bus had stopped for lunch. The line was out the door. They really need to get rid of those barrells on the floor at the cash registers and in front of the food cases.

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  1. Wow, wild mushroom chausson, that sounds delicious. I love apple chaussons but don't usually eat sweet pastries that often, I'm always in search of a good savory one. Goat cheese tart sounds good too, I'll have to put this on my list. Are there any tables? Can you eat your lunch there?

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      As Chica stated, there are some tables. A couple inside and two or three times as many outside.

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        I think they also serve other savory chaussons. They also have a number of interesting terrines, including rabbit and pistachio. They make their own preserves and marmalade, all for sale at the front of the shop, as well. Might be worth a trip for you.

      2. I just can't wait to get my NPR reward for donating gift certificate to there and use it!

        1. I love Little Next Door, too. The sandwiches are delicious, as are the ready-made salads, too. Try the carrot salad, and beet salad sometime. Salmon mousse is very good, too! The teas are very refreshing. And, they sell Vosges chocolate bars.

          Yes, there are tables to sit at. :)

          1. My, ah, slide show, but you can see the two seating choices; inside and out.


            1. I had a lovely Valentine's dinner this past Friday at LD. First, the menu:
              -appetizer pistachio goatcheese tart - delicious, creamy goatcheese in a perfect phyllo crust w/ browned onions atop persian cucumbers, red onions and mixed greens
              - 2 salads; bibb lettuce w/ blood oranges and avocado and mixed greends w/ goat cheese, walnuts and dill dressing
              - entrees; mustard encrusted rack of lamb and the ribeye with scaloped potatoes. Rack of lamb was tender with a fabulous broiled crust and the ribeye was cooked medium-rare (as ordered), juicy and flavorful
              -dessert: apple tartin w/ fresh whipped cream - simply wonderful!

              Our waiter attended us only to take orders, but the busboy (I'm sure there is a better title for him) was attentive and friendly. Yes, the tables are close together (I almost took off our neighbors table setting while squirming into my booth seat) but it was so romantic with the hanging lights and vine plants that I really didn't mind.