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Feb 15, 2007 08:37 AM

Yaghi's Pizza

I searched, and only found one comment (so/so) about this place. There are several glowing comments on another site, but I want some opinions from here.

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  1. Yaghi's is very good, thin crust pizza with fresh ingredients. I order it extra crispy. Several Saconne's devotees I know have switched to Yaghi's. I like a saucier pizza so Rudino's is my choice.

    1. It isn't bad. Best delivery pizza I've found in the area. It isn't great.

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      1. re: tom in austin

        It's not in the same league as Saccones.Made the trip[once]won't be going back.

        1. re: scrumptiouschef

          I would agree with you COMPLETELY if they were able to maintain consistency during peak hours. When Saccone's is good, it is very good.

      2. Pretty much in agreement with all the rest. Saccone's is the only pizza I truly enjoy (pizzeria pizza - not "fancy" like Enoteca Vespaio, which I enjoy) but it is 40 minutes away. Yaghi's is close - to home and a close second to Saccone's. I don't think i would travel for Yaghi's, but I make the haul up 183 every other month for Saccone's. Yaghi's, in addition to nice crust, flavorful cheese, a light hand with the sauce and good toppings (when my co-eaters insist - i prefer plain cheese), makes a great "spinach bread" - a calzone-type thing with cheese, spinach, tons of garlic and sauce on the side. Mmmmm. They also make a fine stromboli.

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        1. re: saticoy

          Well, I eat with some quality people for lunch....we all agree that something has happened with Saccones in the last couple of years. The pies are more soggy...something is different, and this takes away from the "Jersey attitude." Acttually, the Jersey attitude works real well until the pies are not what they used to be.

          Rudinos was good, but the crust tastes just like a tostino's pizza. Which, I love, by the way, at a mere 90 cents!

        2. I love Saccone's. Nice to see them getting some appreciation here. I do keep it simple though. Italian sausage pie. Mmmmm.

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          1. re: BTAustin

            i unfortunately live in cedar park...wanted to like Yaghis, Rudino's, but they just don't stand up. Nasty, really, after a couple of visits, no, Rudino's failed after only one. Saccone's remains number one in the 'hood.

          2. I like Yaghi's; it's near the house and it's a decent representation of NY pizza in Texas. The consistency can be off at times, though. Sometimes the pie is overdone, sometimes under. It's good most nights though.

            My current favorite pie is the Roasted Pie at Reale's. Try it. Saccone's is good but I'm not blown away by it.