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Feb 15, 2007 08:35 AM

Caspian Grille Lafayette Hill

Thinking of trying this for a party. I was wondering if you can mix and match from their prefab party trays.

What I would want is to pick and choose from a combination of "the exotic tray" and the "trio tray".

I was wondering how is their:

Hummous, Babaganoush, Mini Samosas, Afghani Bean Dip and Kebabs (although that might be logistically difficult).

Can you even get a party tray of kebabs (the menu says they are $8.99 each).

The menu is weird and I can't figure out exactly how it works. Or do they just sell tubs of hummous and babaganoush....which I think might actually be simpler as I can provide my own tray.

If there is something not listed on the menupages menu that is really good, I would be interested to hear about it.

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  1. I can't really comment on the menu because I've never seen it. We've eaten numerous dishes from Caspian Grille and have been pleased with all of them. When we go, we just look at all the stuff in the case and start picking things we want. Ali also runs a stand at the Flourtown Farmers Market with the same stuff. Along with great food, try the gelato. I would just go over to the Lafayette Hill shop and talk to him, he's a very friendly guy.

    1. That's what I was hoping to hear....that it's a point and grab affair rather than a call ahead affair.

      FYI, here's the menu:

      I believe I will try it since I have been jonesin' for middle eastern food.

      1. When you go there make sure you talk to Ali, he's the shortish guy, balding on top. They make some really great stuff. They have one of those deli like cases that must be 20 plus feet long and it's filled with big trays of different dishes and they all look good. I think you'll enjoy it.

        1. OK. I just got back from there and I am thinking: "Where has this place been all my life?" Just walking up to the place I could smell garlic. A great sign in my book.

          I'm not sure who i spoke to but everyone there was super friendly. We basically got party food, i.e. tubs full of eggplant salad, channah masala, spinach gobi-type stuff, chicken curry, hummous, babaganoush, black bean dip, bread, naan etc. A ton of food for only $72.

          They let us try little samples of absolutely EVERYTHING. They also said they make falafel and although I did not try it then and there I plan to go back. If it is as good as all the other stuff we got I bet it is pretty darn good (not sure if it is the roll up type or the pita pocket type). I am sure they would custom-make it to your tastes. Looks like they make a good cucumber salad to go with it. I can't believe it is "just down the road apiece" from Conshohocken.

          If someone tries the falafel, please report. The online menu is a bit misleading because it does not convey the huge number of choices available for take out. Everyone, please go because I want this place to stay in business.

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            Can you simply get individual/small quantities of prepared foods there (such as you'd get at somewhere like Carlinos, DiBrunos, etc), or do they only sell things in large servings/party trays? Thanks!

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              You can get whatever you want. There are small tables and there are takeout containers. It is very flexible and you can get whatever you want it seems. In other words, there is no "set" menu. As far as containers go, there is the 1/4 lb.; the 1/2 lb.; or the 2 lb container.

          2. You can get as small a portion there as you want.

            It's an interesting little shopping center. You have Caspian Grille which is Middle Eastern, Isenbergs which is a Jewish deli, Kimono which is Japanese/Sushi and From the Boot which is Italian. The small grocery store has excellent food as well.

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              Thanks...I'll definitely have to check it out!