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Feb 15, 2007 08:12 AM

Claim Jumpers, What is good to eat?

I am going to the Claim Jumpers in Lombard, Illinois as an afterwork function with my team. Claim Jumpers won the vote (darn democracy..). I have never been, and am wondering what is good on the menu, I visited their website, and saw what appeared to be the typical ribs, steaks, chicken, and burgers. I also have heard some people compare it to Cheesecake Factory which really makes me not look forward to going at all. Our group will start in the bar for some drinks & appetizers, and move to a table for dinner.

Any recommendations as far as what to eat (appetizers, or main course dishes)? I did a search on Chowhound and didnt really see and answer to this question. Please refrain from the responses of: dont go, or eat nothing, etc. I am going to eat there, as I am not going to stick out as a "troublemaker" among my coworkers. What have others tried and liked? Thanks for any responses

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  1. Welcome to a temple of big food, huge portions. Great selection of beers on tap and in bottles, and the bar snacks are pretty good (I love the shrimp tacquitos available at my local Southern California Claim Jumper). Steaks are decent, I like their prime rib on the bone (weekends only, I believe). Some of the fish and chicken dishes are not too bad.

    Salad bar is decent, in addition to the usual greens my local has pasta salads, with shrimp in them. Be careful quantity wise, you could OD on the salad bar, and then not be able to eat all of your entree.

    Baked potatoes are usually the size of a box car and the desserts are huge (if you take a slice of their chocolate cake home, you will need a shoe box for it) but not very good.

    1. I like their Frisco Burger. We had the shrimp taquitos last Friday and they were delicious. Also, their avocado rolls are good to share as an appetizer. Love their garlic bread, too. Salads are usually pretty good.

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        I agree on the Frisco burger, it's very good. I've also had their Mother Lode sandwich a few times. This is the mother lode of all sandwiches! It has everything in it, and is about 12 inches tall (OK, I might be exagerrating, it's only 10 inches tall). It has roast beef, turkey, ham, etc. You won't be able to finish it, but at least the leftovers are good enough for 3 more sandwiches.

      2. thanks for the replies folks,

        I am going to go in with an open mind, and enjoy the company of my coworkers out of the office, and good food will be a bonus. I can always enjoy a good burger, and the large selection of beer sounds good as well.

        1. i consider myself a foodie, and i actually like claim jumper. i love soup and salad, and they seem to excel at both. i get the crunchy spinach salad (86 bacon and onion add raspberries) with either the vegetable or french onion soup. the citrus dressing on the salad is really quite phenomenal and their french onion really is one of the best i've ever had, and the veggie has pesto in it which makes it really great tasting veggie soup. it comes with choice of bread, and i really like their corn muffin (great for dunking in the soup.) my claim jumper doesn't have a salad bar, so i'm not sure about that.

          other things i've had there (and liked) on the rare occasion i steer from my usual: chicken pot pie, cashew chicken sandwich with shoestring fries (their fries are very tasty!), raspberry white chocolate cream cheese pie.

          happy eating. i want to hear about your experience!

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            Went with the group from work last night, and had a really good time. Started at the bar, and had a few drinks. Decent tequila selection(a few Patrons, Cazadores, etc.. not just Cuervo like many places.), I had a shot of Cabo Wabo Reposado tequila, and my staple bottle of Budweiser, I was tempted by their Honey Blonde beer on tap though. We shared a few appetizers, for a group of 8 we had the crispy prawn snack, and the appetizer combo, the shrimp were different and ok, the other appetizers were all good bar food.

            As for dinner, I had the 8 oz filet done medium rare with the cheese potato cakes as my side. The filet was done perfect, not the prime beef I spoil myself with at home, but still melted in my mouth as a filet should, the potato cakes were good, mashed red potatoes fried with chives, and cheese. I also had a cup of french onion soup, not the worst I have had but not the best, too many croutons soaked up most of the broth.. Others in my group had the cobb salad, the porterhouse, the crab wedge salad, and a couple had ribs. No complaints from anyone. At the table I switched to the Honey Blonde beer on tap, it is vey similar to one of my favorites Leinenkugels Honey Weat beer, also a shot of Patron.

            All in all a good chain experience, a place I would return with a group from work, or for a lunch.

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              thanks for the report! i'm glad you liked it. bummer about the french onion soup. i guess i like a lot of croutons, although for some reason i feel like when i've had it there's just been one big crouton under the cheese. i don't remember for sure though. i just know that if i go there and someone else orders it i get envious just smelling it. yum. if you like salads, i would suggest trying one of theirs sometime. =)

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                the salads did look excellent, especially the cobb salad.. I was intrigued by the crab wedge salad, I love crab, but really wanted a steak last night., Perhaps next time.

                thanks for the input.

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                  even just the side salads are good. they have one called "the small green salad", and it's their smallest salad (they also have "appetizer salads" which are bigger and then of course dinner salads). there are delicious cornbread croutons in it. it's great with honey mustard or your favorite dressing. wow i really need to get my cj fix.

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                    Their BBQ chicken salad is really good, too. They have finely chopped cabbage, lettuce, and jicama, which makes for great texture. Very crisp and refreshing. Corn, black beans, tomato, scallions, and cilantro contribute the flavor part and it's topped with a light drizzle of BBQ ranch. The chicken is tender, which is a nice touch, because I usually hate chicken on salads because tough chicken kills it. It's one of those salads where the flavor of the ingredients are nicely balanced and doesn't even need the dressing, which fits my criteria for a great salad.

            2. go for the fried zuchs! best i have ever had that are not from my nonna!