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NEED HELP! Delivery to King and Dufferin for lunch!

I work around the King and Dufferin area and I find it very difficult to find good restaurants that deliver lunch here. Believe me, I've called so many places. It's either we're too west, or too east. Weird. I also find that that places that do deliver, either only deliver after 5pm, use superwaiter.com (too expensive! min $75 order and 24 hr notice!), orderit.ca (crazy delivery charge, the prices for all the food are more expensive than usual, and they always add on so much for tip!), food.ca...(site isn't up to par, they say they are revamping it, but who knows when it will be up!), or have $50 min order. There are no Greek places that come around here, because they are all up in the Danforth area. I need help!!! Anyone know of places that deliver to King and Dufferin, with no or small delivery charge and $0-$15 min order? Not places like Pizza pizza or subway, or swiss chalet. I need a variety of places. Indian, Italian, Greek, Chinese, Mexican, Vietnamese, Japanese...etc.

Please help!!!


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  1. There's a great little Vietnamese place right on the corner of King & Dufferin. I don't know if they deliver, but it's right beside The Gate. Food is good quality, and affordable.

    Shanghai Garden delivers (it's on Queen, Chinese food...basic stuff) as does Magic Oven (on Jefferson). Really anyplace in Queen West with delivery will deliver to K&D. Two great Japanese places on Atlantic, but not sure if they deliver. But with so many great places to eat in the area within no more than 5 minutes walking distance, why do you need delivery?

    1. Freshwood Grill on Roncesvalles delivers lunch and dinner. Great Sandwiches and Daily specials.

      1. I like Freshwood grill but stick to the pastas and sandwiches. Had the ribs and pulled pork sandwich once for dinner and found them both bland and uninspired.

        Coco Rice makes a fantastic Thai curry at King and Bathurst and should deliver to your area. I've heard opinions across the spectrum about Magic Oven so you may want to try them for Italian (they're also on the southwest side).

        I'm also curious about good delivery suggestions for the area? I'm at King+Shaw, just a blockish east of King and Dufferin.

        1. i order from coco rice and Freshwood Grill once a week. Magic Oven is okay. Not the greatest. I prefer delivery. I need places that have online menu so that I can forward to my bosses and co-workers. I need a variety of places. There are alot of great places but they don't deliver, or like I said...charge and arm and a leg for delivery and min $ order is out of this world. I'm not looking for catering for 50 people. I don't have time to go and pick up, especially that I don't have a car.

          1. Thai Spring Roll at 1512 Queen St. West (West of Lansdowne) is open for lunch and delivers. Not sure if they have an online menu, but if you're desperate I could probably dig a menu out of a drawer and scan it.

            1. that would be awesome of you! thanks!

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                I've found most restaurants (especially delivery/take-out oriented onces) can fax or e-mail you a copy of their menu if you call and ask - especially if it's an office..

              2. Here you go, hope you can read it.

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                  that's awesome! thanks flipp!

                2. Allright I want this to repost because I live at king and shaw area and need suggestions for delivery. Thanks hounds.

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                    Sushi 930 which does fantastic sushi (rivals Japango and I'd say one of the top takeout places in Toronto). They have a menu online but be sure to ask about daily specials, they'll sometimes have some great fresh sea breem or sea urchin on the day.

                    I've been going there at least once a week now, they do not advertise delivery but the owner said that they will do deliveries if it's close enough. They are on King just past Stratchan though so it's less than 5 minutes from King and Shaw...

                    Where Red Fuji Sushi used to be. But actually good!

                    Sushi 930
                    930 King St W, Toronto, ON M5V, CA

                  2. Just want to let everyone know that it seems the Freshwood grill dosn't deliver anymore. A little disapointng. I love this part of the city but the delivery options and a little on the weak side.

                    1. Banjara on Bloor delivers. You should be in their delivery area.

                      For Italian I suggest Regina Pizzeria.

                      Regina Pizzeria
                      782 College St, Toronto, ON M6G1C6, CA

                      796 Bloor St W, Toronto, ON M6G1L7, CA