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Feb 15, 2007 07:36 AM

Bubba Gump Shrimp / Serendipity worth the stop?

Planning a trip to Manhattan this summer...millions of choices, I know.
Are Bubba Gump and Serendipity restuarants worth a try?


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  1. Bubba Gump is a fun restaurant for tourists and is located in Times Square, which is convenient for most visitors. The food is good, but go for the experience, not top-tier seafood.

    As for Serendipity, it depends on what the wait time is. If you're coming during the week you shouldn't have a problem getting in and it will be worth it. If you're here on a weekend, however, I could think of a lot of other things I would rather do in NYC than wait in a 2 hr line for Serendipity.

    1. Bubba Gump is a mediocre chain restaurant. Not sure why you'd want to go there in NY when there are so many other choices. If you want recommendations for a seafood place, let us know some specifics and people can guide you to a good place.

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        We LOVE seafood. Any suggestions you have for top-notch seafood would be great! Thanks!

      2. Seriously...why would anyone ever go to a chain restaurant? Serendipity is overated. Watch better movies.

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          I didn't realize Serendipity was a chain. And, its a good thing I didn't ask your opinion on the movie, isn't it?

            1. re: hcwwur

              Bit of a miscommunication here. Serendipity is not a chain, Bubba Gump is. I think the comment about the movie is about the movie Serendipity, but the sarcastic comment was unclear.

              Serendipity does make great sundaes and whatnot, but there can be an excessive (and annoying) wait.

          1. If your coming to New York City you should really try one of the higher quality seafood restaurants.

            You can do better then Bubba's.

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            1. re: Mickey Blue

              I'm open to suggestions...not too familiar with NYC, as you can tell... Thanks!

            2. The original comment has been removed