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Feb 15, 2007 07:31 AM

Stove top smoker

I got a stove top smoker as a V-Day present. Who has ideas/recipes for fun things to do with it?

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  1. I own two stove top smokers one a large one similar to the standard size Cameron and on the size of their small one, neither however are Cameron smokers. The small one is in fact a Swedish one I got at a thrift store. I smoke mostly chicken breasts and boneless pork ribs to use in recipes such as pozzole con puerco and gumbo or jambalaya. I even smoked some fresh chorizo link sausage to add to some caldo verde. I smoke much longer than most of the recipes advise using a fairly low temperature. I use wet mini wood chips not sawdust. I keep the chips in a plastic container with water in it. Nothing so far has come out steamed rather than smoked and everything has had a delightful smoke flavour. I follow the instructions with regard to foil under the chips and some form of grease on the rack and have had no problems to date.

    1. Took a cooking class once where the chef smoked mushrooms and then food-processor-chopped them to make mushroom baklava.

      However, I didn't like the smoked flavor. But maybe you will!