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Feb 15, 2007 07:25 AM

SLC: Recommendations? New?

I have searched the website, and been to SLC a million times (we have family there), but for an upcoming trip I am looking for new recommendations.

Coming from the Bay Area California, and love all cuisine, except I never dine out at Italian. Would need to accomodate well behaved and adventerous eating-wise small kids. We take them to nice restaurants here all the time. Needless to say, we don't do chains, because we have food allergies which we find impossible to deal with at chains.

I know about Red Iguana, Mezza. We enjoyed the Red Iguana last time I went, but we always go down to Las Tarascas when doing work down in Provo.

Other recommendations?

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  1. I think other people may have mentioned this place before on here, but it's worth reposting about, Settebello. It just opened last month and is some of the best pizza I've ever encountered, and that's after living in New York City. It's neopolitan style pizza and made to the strictest orders of the Verace Pizza Napoletena Association. Check out this review here:

    Also, since you mentioned that you don't go out for Italian. There's a new-ish Szechuan restaurant in Sandy (20 minutes south of downtown) that does some nice authentic dishes. Great review of the place here:

    Lastly, Aristos does really great Greek food near the University of Utah.

    Have fun!

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      I've eaten at Settebello twice now and have nothing but effusive praise for their pizzas! Authentic Neopolitan-style, thin crust pizzas with wonderful toppings (proscuitto, kalamata olives, fresh basil, fresh crushed tomatoes, fennel sausage, etc.), served piping hot out of their wood-fired oven. The ambience is cozy, if a little spartan. Only pizzas on the menu, so don't bother coming if you're looking for something else. They do have a few appetizers, mostly salads, but one antipasti plate, too. Also a decent, but somewhat pricey wine selection.

    2. Check out Faustina, my new fave, near downtown. Groovy room, lovely menu plus a kid's menu. Sign up for Rewards Network and get a 20% kickback to your credit card.

      1. Just had dinner at Faustina. We went there a couple of months ago, tried the regular menu, and loved everything. Valentines Day was a fixed menu. Still all good. Try the Smoked chicken salad with dinner. big enough for two. Soups are delicious. The Bento Box for dessert is made for two. Yummy warm chocolate molten cake with ice cream, fudge oozing out of the middle. served with a mini creme brulee, and two small cylinders of chocolate and white choc (I know there is no such thing as wh choc) mousse.

        I also recommend Trio. One on 9th East close to downtown, one in the Cottonwood area. Great appetizers. Try the flatbread with spreads.

        The pub, now called the Desert Edge Brewery in Trolley Square, has good lunch menu. Try the Salmon Sandwich, with asian slaw. French onion soup is good.

        1. Gotta do that Bento Box next visit. We were comped a dessert last time (overdone and underripe ingredients in one of the appies) and the missus chose their banana exploration which was excellent.

          1. What is the banana exploration? I'll try it next time.