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Feb 15, 2007 07:13 AM

brown rice pasta

I love brown rice pasta, and have been able to get it by my "white pasta lover" just fine. My question is this! Does anyone know for sure that brown rice pasta is as good for you as whole wheat pasta? They are both whole grain. I have done South Beach diet and they suggest adding back in WW one ever mentions brown rice pasta, only brown rice. Thanks I am new I need to log on each day to see responses to my question?

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  1. Just compare the nutritional info on the boxes. The one with the most grams of fiber and protien per serving wins.

    1. Thanks so much! I guess I didn't realize that there was so much difference in fiber in whole grain. I've been thinking I am doing okay if I am not eating enriched I doing good! WW definitely has more fiber than BR pasta. Appreciate any one elses thoughts on this!

      1. i tried Barilla whole wheat plus on a whim and i actually LOVE it...I don't even buy white pasta anymore. This has a great flavor and tastes heartier...

        i've never tried brown rice pasta...

        1. Thanks. The brown rice pasta is awesome! Trader Joe's carrys it. Also there is another brand I get at a health food store, I'll have to write that down. The big difference is there is opnly 1 gram fiber in brown rice one, whereas WW is 6 grams. So for weight loss, WW would be best, but for me...tasted is THE BROWN ONE!

          1. My naturopath recommends kamut pasta.
            It's pretty good actually.


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              Some people think whole wheat, paradoxically because of the higher quanitities of fiber, specifically that containing phytate behaves more like an anti-nutrient and a possible colon irritant. Brown rice lacks an appreciable quantity of phytate.

              That could be junk science, but there's a lot out there about phytate's behavior as an "anti-nutrient."

              I am trying the brown rice tonight(TJ brand). Just made a mini-batch, tastes good. Previously I used Barilla's omega-3 pasta which I also enjoy. I typically maintain a very high sauce:noodle ratio because noodles to me are just a base on which to serve your sauce/meatballs/sausage and I'd rather get my carbs from that nutritionally barren but oh so right fresh Italian bread dipped in the sauce.