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Feb 15, 2007 06:56 AM

Davis Square options - advice on places I haven't been to yet

Catching a movie in Davis and trying to decide where to eat before the show.

I haven't been to Out of the Blue. Is it worth checking out? Do they have a bar you can sit at?

Also thinking the a trip to check out Gargoyles is long overdue. Wondering how swanky the bar is? We'll be pretty casual and comfy. How is the poutine?

Anything else worth checking out?

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  1. Gargoyles is great and although it is the nicest place in the square it is not that swanky. Jeans are totally appropriate at the bar.

    Why not try Sagra at 400 Highland? Brand new, about a week old.

    1. i would very much second that vote for sagra, however with one caveat. the place has been open for almost two weeks. i have loved what i've eaten there. rigatoni della casa was great. the mushroom risotto and the short-rib was as satisying a meal as i've ever had. had it monday night and i will get that dish often. i've eavesdropped on others raving abou tthe pizza and the delicious $3 side-dishes, (they're worth $6) and the unigue desserts. my concern for this place has been the service. nothing outrageous, but i am left with the impression that so much talent was put in the kitchen that the front of the house is having a hard time catching up. i don't want a massage from the wait person, but i do expect water, proper place setting, proper follow-up, timely removal, etc. having said that, i am willing to go for the food alone, but i fear others may not be as patient as i am willing to be while the front catches up with it's back. sagra, your food is fantastic, but do yourself a favor and get that house in order.

      1. Out of the Blue:

        My advice would be to go to Gargoyles, although I can't wait to tray Sagra myself.

        1. Another place in Davis I really like is Martsa on Elm. Delicious Tibetan food.

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            A big second for Martsa. It's cheap, delicious and perfect for this weather. I'm especially fond of the vegetarian menu (I went vegetarian for about six months while living in Somerville, I think it's required, thankfully back on the foie gras and rare steaks). Get the pumpkin curry or the vegetable curry, have them with the tingmo. Follow with the bhagamatsu (sp?). Neat dessert, kind of like tibetan fried dough/bread pudding, big enough to share. I've absolutely stuffed myself like a sultan there for less than $20.00.

            1. re: sailormouth

              Any opinion on Martsa versus House of Tibet up in Teele?

              1. re: finlero

                Both are casual but HoT feels more like a date place to Martsa's quick bite feel. I found the food at each to be good - nothing mind blowing - but solid good chow (though I've only eaten at HoT once to 4x at Martsa). Both are quite affordable with Martsa being slightly less expensive. Out of sheer laziness, I'd say Martsa has the better location too - with that walk to Teele from the Davis stop being oh so far for my lazy a** : )

                1. re: finlero

                  I think both are blah, but prefer Martsa to House of Tibet. I prefer Rangzen in Central Square to both.

                  1. re: finlero

                    I prefer House of Tibet Kitchen to Martsa for straight up Tibetan cuisine. Their stews and momos are quite delicious (especially on a night like tonight). Martsa does have some good Tibet-in-exile dishes though.

                    1. re: finlero

                      Have had the lunch buffet at Martsa twice and dinner at House of Tibet once. Found the latter bland and dull, liked the former much, much better.

                  2. re: Ed4

                    Martsa was in a Globe story yesterday. Sounded quite interesting. I was thinking of going there soon.

                  3. The other option that jumps immediately to mind is Namaskar, some of the Boston area's best Indian.