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Feb 15, 2007 06:51 AM

Denver area- any Italian restaurants that can provide party platters?

I'm looking for someplace that would sell large trays of stuff like meatballs, lasagna, salads, etc for a anniversary party. I'm trying to organize from afar- so I'm not famiiar with the options. I see Olive Garden does sell large trays of food, if I have to go that route, but I wonder if there's a non-chain possibility. thanks!

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  1. Hi,
    One thought that comes to mind is Parisi in NW Denver. It looks like under the catering section they might have what you are looking for. Not a chain and I think very good food. What area of the city is the party?

    1. I too would recommend Parisi. Also, if you are in the south metro area, Tony's Market (several locations, tho' Mineral and Broadway is closing -- real estate issues) also has an extensive catering ability. Go to and click on "Tony's To Go." Scroll down for entrees.

      1. Closer to downtown is Dolce Vita (955 Lincoln Street, PH: 303.830.8482) They have everything you need. Don't think they have a website.

        1. You could always call Marczyk Fine Foods on 17th Avenue (phone: 303-894-9499), they are quite capable of putting something delicious together.

          A chain that I know provides large portions for event takeout is Maggiano's, and their quick and rather easy to get to in the Denver Pavillions (phone: , I add that only because you mentioned the OG. Their phone number is: 303-260-7710.

          1. As far as chains go Maggiano's is, IMHO, far better than Olive Garden. In addition to Denver Pavilions location downtown, there is a Maggiano's near the Denver Tech Center.