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Mint M&M's, availability?

Mint M&M's are my absolute favorite candy. I remember having these in Hawaii in the early 80's, they were branded as "King M&M's" or "Royal M&M's" and had a small crown printed on the shell instead of the usual "m". This was many, many years before mint M&M's started showing up on the mainland as red and green Christmas M&M's. The problem is, these only seem to be available around Christmas time, and not every year it seems. Is there any way to get these at other times of the year? Or any similar, non-M&M branded mint chocolates in a candy shell? Does M&M's still sell these as King's / Royals M&M's anywhere?

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  1. I actually wrote into the M&M's people, and mint m&m's are a seasonal item. There are currently no plans to produce more out of season. (I also wrote them a note after they stopped making the white chocolate ones.)

    People are selling bags on ebay for ~$6 a pop.

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      As someone else noted, you can often find the "seasonal" and specialty items at close-out stores. I saw the white chocolate ones (the "pearls") at a Grocery Outlet in Oakland last week.

    2. I miss the mint M&M's too.

      Mint and Chocolate are such an unbeatable combo--it beats me why there aren't more commonly available mint chocolate candies and bars. How about a Grasshopper Bar?

      (I found a four-pak of mint choc-covered Oreos the other day. Much as I dislike Oreo's, these were pretty good. Much like a Grasshopper cookie, but with that awful filling included.

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        You might check out Nestle's Aero Mint if you like that combo... kinda a grasshopper bar. Nestle Aero Bubbles too... Here's a whole page of chocolate mint specialty and regular candies/bars... http://www.taquitos.net/snacks.php?ca...

        I like the Mint Creme Oreos actually... and the Jo-Jo's Peppermint from TJ's.

        Not candy at all, but Genisoy makes a Chocolate Mint protein bar with krispy pieces.

        And if you're really a fan, Chocolate Mint Truffle Coffee? http://www.moorecoffee.com/products/c...
        I dunno on this one.

      2. Marvin,

        Dunno where you are but I've seen mint M&M at 99 Cents Only Stores in Los Angeles.

        You might also try Big Lots, but again probably only in Los Angeles.

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          ipsedixit - thanks! I live in LA so I will definetly check this out.

        2. Stock up at the after-Christmas sales or pick up a bag a week in the time leading up to Christmas. That way, you'll have a stash all year long, assuming you can ration the candies over the months. (I do this with Brachs Candy Pumpkins so I can enjoy them throughout the year.)

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            Haha, I do this with the Cadbury mini-eggs after Easter... I'm down to the last few snack size bags, so it's a good thing they're back in the stores now.

          2. There is another candy that looks like M&Ms but they only come in a mint green and pink color and they are mint flavored. Lots of restaurants put them out for guests after dinner. I am not sure of the name but they are available year round.

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              Those are commonly known as mint lentils - they're pale green, pink, white, and lilac, and have a slightly thicker, harder shell. They're available year-round at a lot of candy stores.

            2. Similarly, around the holidays, Hershey's had a white chocolate kiss with bits of peppermint. It had an unattractive red swirl decoration, but the taste was amazing. I wish I'd had the foresight to buy up bags of them.

              1. I love the mint m&m's too. I actually found them at my local Walgreens store. If you go online and search for them, they are there. They aren't available online but you can put your zip code in and it will tell you if there are any stores close to you that have them. Also, I have seen them at CVS. Do the same thing, go on the website, cvs.com search for this item. Also, I googled the mint m&m's, and I found them at many places. This place sells them in bulk.


                Do not fair, they are out there. :-



                1. I saw mint M&M's at the checkout at Bed Bath and Beyond.

                  As for non-M&M mints in a shell, Trader Joe's has small bags by their checkout counters...they have mint or toffee or some other flavor that escapes me, all in a shell at $1.49 per small bag.

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                    Uh, guys, you're all chiming in on a 6-year-old thread when mint M&M's were not a regular item. They're not hard to find anymore.

                  2. Crownless mint M&M's present in Phoenix at Target and Safeway.

                    1. we got them here at our grocer..
                      my sister had this odd desire for the big glass kitchen jar to be filled with every kind of MM when she returned from camp.. not sure if mom got everrrrrry kind but the jar got filled.. Mint, Rasberry, cookie, peanut butter, almond, mini,...