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meyer lemons in manhattan?

I'm not having easy time finding meyer lemons. Is it a result of the freeze or am I looking in the wrong places? Any help would be appreciated.

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  1. I'm guessing it's the freeze. I haven't seen them, either, and I've been looking!

    Haven't been to Fairway yet, but Whole Foods doesn't seem to have them this year, nor Gourmet Garage, so....

    1. Have you looked at Trader Joes? they have been selling them in ny New Jersey store..

      1. Fairway had them last week.

        1. Saw them at Grace's marketplace on the UES about a week or 2 ago. It's worth calling.

          1. gourmet garage usually stocks them

            1. Merci, folks.

              I'm off to brave the cold weather to find them... wish me luck.

              1. I've been getting them at WF in Chelsea recently, but you've got to poke around their produce section, since they're kept in small-ish baskets that are easy to miss, and their placement (away from other lemons) is counterintuitive.

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                  Aha, I thought so! It doesn't matter if I'm at the Chelsea or Union Sq location, I normally want to pull my hair out when I'm shopping at WF because I have to jump over screaming kids, get mowed down by obnoxious people and get stuck behind the slow movers just to find freaking lemons. Anyway, thanks for saving me a trip to the UES.

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                    i saw them last week at the union square wf.

                  2. Manhattan fruit exchange in the chelsea market has had them for a while, but they have seemed really soft recently.

                    1. most premium stores have it. i know fairway usually does as jasmurph stated. the agata and valentina, citarella, dean and deluca.. those type of places will or might.

                      1. I saw them just last Friday at Garden of Eden on 107 and Broadway.

                        1. Haven't looked in the past couple of days, but B'way Fairway has had them whenever I wanted them, and that was fairly often, since the beginning of the year.

                          1. So funny. I was just on this quest. WF Columbus Circle. Had to go to the guy in the deli/cheese section and he doled it out. Wish I could bequeath them to you, as I now have what seems like a lifetime supply.

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                              we can collaborate on a project if you want. =)

                            2. I've seen them at the Dean & Deluca on Broadway at Prince Street.

                              1. I have been getting mine for the last month at GRAND CENTRAL MARKET.

                                1. also seen them at whole foods on 24th and 7th and garden of eden on 23rd between 6th and 7th