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Feb 15, 2007 06:30 AM


Take a moment and look back at the first 1/2 of Feb.....

Where have you been? How was it?

Come on fellow chowhounds - let us all know about the great, not so great & down right horrible meals you've eaten.

Happy Thursday!

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  1. I had some good curried okra from Bombay Bistro the other night, Came with dal and
    raita and good rice. All delicious. Anyone else eaten there?

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    1. re: faith

      We've eaten at Bombay 2 Bistro several times now and love it. Great fresh Indian (not the same old 6 kinds of glop cooked all day with rice). Huge fans.

      1. re: faith

        I often carpool with a coworker who lives in NordEast and on Wednesdays my wife picks me up there and we go somewhere on Central. There are so many good places that I call it NordEat Street! In the last few months we have been to Holy Land, Marina, Udupi (whatever it is called now), Chutney (not a good experience), Chiapas, Crescent Moon, Charlie's Polleria... and there are lots more weeks worth of places we haven't been to.

        We ate at Bombay 2 Deli a couple weeks ago and enjoyed it. The woman manning the counter was one of the most welcoming and enthusiastic people anywhere. She could get anyone excited about Indian food--but of course we are already into it. Good food! And, since it is attached to an Indian supermarket, we went and got imported bottled sodapops out of the cooler. I am not much for pop, but enjoy trying something unusual from another country.

        Last night we went to the Vegetarian, on Central near 40th. LOVED the butter masala dosa! We will definitely be back there to try more things! I realized this space is where Sahib's Gateway to India(?) used to be when I saw the old Sahibs sidewalk sign laying back by the restrooms. Ate there years ago.

        1. re: Neitz

          Wow, Neitz, this is admirable! Central Ave has become such a treasure trove of little ethnic restaurants. I'm especially glad to hear that Charly's Polleria is still around. I gotta get back there for more chicken and white rice and fries.


          1. re: Neitz

            Chutney... is that the place on the corner of 26th and Central? What was bad about it?

            1. re: djohnson22

              Chutney is on the corner of 37th and Central. On the Wednesaday night we went the service was lousy. We waited over 45 minutes for the food after we ordered. I enjoyed watching the bhangra videos on the TV, but Two-Year-Old got really squirrelly, of course. The irksomeness of the wait was compounded by the facts that the place was not particularly busy and there seemed to be at least one guy kind of standing around that *seemed* to be an employee, but heck if we could tell what they actually did.

              The food was pretty bad, too. The paneer pakoras were like deep-fried cubes of mattress foam.

              I would certainly not be surprised if we would have a better experience on a subsequent visit, but Chutney is not likely to get a repeat try-out from us when there are so many other places along Central falling into two categories:
              A) We haven't tried yet
              B) We tried and enjoyed so much that we walked out saying "we have to come and try some other things off the menu here."

              Too bad, since I recall the that the old Chutney of years ago (which I never got to and I don't know if there is any relation besides the name), located at 694 and Silver Lake Road, got good reviews, IIRC. Also, D, this place is a five minute walk from the home of our mutual friend.

              For Central Avenue Indian, we will return to the Vegetarian and Bombay 2 Bistro.

              1. re: Neitz

                Ok, that is the place I was thinking of, but couldn't remember the cross street. Too bad it ended up being not good. I have previously only had occasion to eat there during lunch, and thought they had a fairly decent lunch buffet setup. But it has been about a year since I was last there.

        2. I think there is some confusion here as Bombay Bistro is an Indian restaurant downtown (I've never been there; any other reviews?) and Bombay 2 DELI is the place on Central connected to the Indian grocery store (which I agree is excellent).

          Back to the topic; I've been to:

          Athens Cafe: very good, although I don't see myself going to Robbinsdale frequently.

          South Asian Foods: they just ran out of halwa puri, so I had the pav baji which was not as good but still decent.

          Fasika: I finally made it here. It was quite crowded on a frigid Saturday, and unfortunately there was a huge, loud, and annoying religious group seated near us. The food was pretty good although nowhere near the Ethiopian food I've had in Chicago.

          Any other reviews of the Vegetarian? I thought it was halfway between Udupi when it was good and Nala Pak now. The ambience was creepy and there was also a large, loud, and annoying group which also appeared to be religious! I'm beginning to think I attract cultish ethnic food lovers whenever I leave the house . . . (l don't want to sound anti-religion; I'm just anti-annoying, distracting loud groups of people at restaurants, and in both cases they happened to be, I think, fundamentalist Christians).

          1. We've had a crazy, eating out month so far.

            Edited: alright, listing dishes is more fun than doing work :)

            Alma - I had the special chicken pate buschetta as an appetizer which was AMAZING. As an entree I got the pheasant which was also wonderfully surprising. I love this place and it will be our new special occasion place since Levain is gone.

            Grumpy's (on Washington) - Just got beer and tater tots :)

            Kinkaid's - Ugh, I wouldn't go back, TGIFridays-esque I think I said on another thread.

            King's - love this place. We got the kimchi pancake and I got the cold bibimbap. The service is a little pushy but the food is always excellent.

            MGMarket (I went one night by myself and ordered ceviche and read for a while, very relaxing)

            Fuji-Ya, St. Paul - Eh, if I'm going to St Paul for sushi I'd rather go to Sakura

            Bulldog NE - I posted elsewhere - too loud and the bun of my black bean burger was stale.

            Evergreen - Delicious pork steamed dumplings. I got the ma po tofu, I prefer LS's better. Husband got General Tso's Chicken which was unremarkable. We love the eggplant with garlic and three cup tofu, but for whatever reason didn't order them that night.

            Takeout buffalo wings from Runyon's - Our favorite wings in the city

            Woah, that's almost every night this month, no wonder I haven't lost any weight. Tomorrow I'm getting catering takeout for a lunch meeting from Broder's and on Saturday we're hitting Zushiya in Maple Grove. We might bring friends to Town Talk tomorrow since they haven't experienced the alcoholic milkshake.

            1. would you consider at least listing the standout dishes in that list? after your nap? :)

              1. I heart alma

                We went to Nami this month. Food was pretty great - service was the worst I've ever had anywhere.

                Take out on Super Bowl Sunday from Pad Thai on grand - pretty good!

                That might be it! Trying to think of where else I've been.