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Feb 15, 2007 06:15 AM

Breakfast restaurants in Birmingham,Alabama

What are some good places for breakfast in Birmingham,Alabama ?

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  1. Bogue's is really, really good for breakfast. The Original Pancake House in Southside is good as well. For something quick and travelable, try Scott Koney's Downtown. There are always the IHOP and Cracker Barrel options. Klinger's in Vestavia is excellent too. Or if a cafeteria is your style, try Ted's. For more info, go to this link:

    1. V. Richards in Forest Park is good, but can sometimes be crowded in the winter if it's not warm enough to open the patio. If you can hold off until brunch time, Rojo in Southside has a good brunch.

      1. Go to CedarPost Cafeteria in Centerpoint.The biscuits are scratch and heavenly.The white gravy is also very good.The white meat is wonderful,the waitress will call you "shug",your coffee will never go below half full.It is inexpensive.I eat for a couple days once a year in B'ham and this is on my very short list of do not miss.