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Bariloche famous for Chocolate? true or false?

I read somewhere that Bariloche was known for its Chocolate - is that true? And, if so or not - any other food-stuff we should try while down there? thanks

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  1. YES!!! They have a great chocolate factory there "chocolates fenoglio". The signs for the stores are yellow and the inside is really bright! There are about 3 stores and one of them lets you go in and watch them make the chocolates. Also, make sure you try the ice cream. It is so good! Happy eating....

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      thank you! I will update if I get to check it out. Any other food there I should know about?

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        Bariloche chocolates are first class. But do not miss the ice cream, Patagonian ice cream is typically made from sheep milk. It was so good that after our trip, we came home and bought dairy sheep. Sheep milk is higher in fat and lactose, so there is no need to add cream or sugar. Look for Jauja.

      2. If you are into wild game, try the wild boar. It's pretty tasty. Oh yeah, and try the lamb. Patagonian lamb is the best I have ever had. I am not a big lamb fan and this stuff was amazing. Also, there is a restaurant at the top of Cerro Otto (?) It is a cable car up to a mountain that used to be a ski hill. It has a revolving restaurant. When you get there, try the mixed meat and cheese platter--really good smoked meats.

        1. Chocolate is very popular. The main street in Bariloche resembles an alpine village in Switzerland. The best chocolate store according to our local personal guide over Christmas was Mamoushka (Russian for Mother). That's where we bought our treats. Patagonian lamb is fabulous if you hit it in season, which it was over Christmas. Usually cooked on a spit over an open flame it is also referred to as served "bar-b que" style.

          1. You can try, once in there, the famous patagonic lamb or the "criolla cousine" like the carbonada or locro.

              1. What is Criolla? Creole?

                1. Just walk down the street in Bariloche and you will find at least a dozen chocolate factories/emporiums. Some are small boutiques while others are the size of American grocery stores. Empanadas are also delicious there. For dining I recommend Tarquino, and for accomodations the Hotel Llao Llao is fabulous and quite affordable right now. If you're adventurous try a bicycle tour or white water rafting nearby. It is simply beautiful there and will change your impression of South America.

                  1. Bariloche is a great place for chocolate - it is South America's answer to a small town in Switzerland. Enjoy!

                    1. I've lived in Argentina, tasting and reviewing its best chocolatiers, and I'd have to say that it's really a mixed bag.

                      The chocolate in Bariloche is much, much better than what you'd find throughout the rest of the country--that's a given. But it's not really comparable to European or even American chocolates. Most of the chocolates are overly sweet, very simple, and really don't integrate the flavors all too well.

                      That said, Mamushka is the one large exception. Not only is it just as good as anything that I've tasted in Belgium or America, but it's just a completely different style that you probably won't get anywhere else.

                      I'll let the flavors speak for themselves: caramelized date, white chocolate with dark chocolate filling, rum with grape, white chocolate bear with dulce de leche, caramel walnut, chocolate mousse, orangette, etc.

                      As for other foodstuffs, Bariloche is really the center of a lot of indigenous fruits and cured meats. If you have time, check out Familia Weiss, a big producer of those goods.

                      Take care,
                      The Food Buster