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Feb 15, 2007 06:08 AM

Anything good in Nogales?

My husband came back from his week in Monterrey with some Mexican money...and instead of converting it back to dollars, he was thinking of taking me to Nogales for dinner sometime. (We live in Tucson, so it's not far at all.)

Any good recommendations across the border would be most appreciated!!!

BTW, he did try the cabrito at one of the places in Monterrey that was recommended on this board...and he enjoyed it. So thanks!!

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  1. I grew up in Nogales, and the prettiest place you can get walking from the border is La Roca. It's pretty fancy. They almost always have live music and it's very romantic, as it's in an enormous cave cut out of the rock-wall with a big window. The food's pretty classically good, too. We'd always go on special occasions when I lived there.

    91 Calle Elias, Sonora, Mexico (but anyone can tell you how to get there). It's only a few hundred feet in, so you can park in the United States. Walk across the railroad tracks to the east. It's up against the large hill over there.

    For something more daytime, there's Café Ajijic, a straight walk down Avenida Obregon (the main street you'll see when you've crossed the border. It's a little place where you can sit outside and eat while peoplewatching. :) 182 Ave Obregon.

    Both recommended and pretty inexpensive, though La Roca is far nicer and fancier. Have fun!