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Feb 15, 2007 05:31 AM

BlackSalt Recently?

Headed there tonight for a late dinner. Are there any fish dishes not to be missed? Are the desserts worth trying? How are the mussles?

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  1. I'm going Sat. night as a belated Christmas gift. Can't wait -- have been wanting to go for ages. "Black Salt Recently" was going to be MY posted question! I see you got no responses. How was your dinner there in February?

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    1. re: woodleyparkhound

      I would also like to find out about this place. A year ago I had a snack at the bar and really enjoyed it, it was a smoked white fish with creme fraiche, nothing fancy but good enough to always consider going back.

      1. re: cleveland park

        I thought the food there was really good. They change the menu relatively frequently, but I had a special which was a whole fish with a potato puree and lardons. It was great. My boyfriend had the tuna dish and loved it. I didn't get a bite! The oysters are excellent as well.

        Also, the brunch here is AWESOME. Totally my new favorite, but best when someone else is buying.

    2. They have the best fried clams outside of New England.

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        Just went to Blacksalt for the first time.. I'm from Boston so I was excited to try a Chowhound worthy place :) Food was, as promised, gorgeous and very very fresh; staff was friendly and my waiter was great. However, both my mom and I ordered one of the specials- Atlantic halibut with local greens and summer squash over pearl pasta- and we were shocked when out came two 2 ounce portions of fish with literally 3 sprigs of herbs and a tiny mound of pasta. Apparently, the meals come in different 'sizes' and we ordered one that wasn't an app, but not quite an entree- and it was not described as a small plate or a tapas dish either. So luckily there was a little pizza shop next door with incredible soft serve ice cream. Word to the wise- make sure you are ordering an entree and not spending $20 on a half portion of delicious food that will just leave your taste buds crying for more!!

        1. re: mipiace

          Thanks for the trip report. It reminds me that my wife and I need to go back again soon.