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Feb 15, 2007 05:31 AM

Beer and sandwichs near Greensboro

Last year we had an unexpectedly good sandwich and beer at a small brew-pub near or in Greensboro. We're going to be in that area Saturday and would like to eat there again--if only we could remember the name. Anyone know the place? And why is it that it is so hard to find a decent sandwich these days. I was in Richmond last week and was so disappointed to find the New York Deli closed.

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  1. Natty Greene's.

    Hey, realjuel, I know you!

    Sean from PTC

    1. Sean, I was just talking about PTC when I was in Carytown beer and wine-their selection just gets worse but I was hoping for some 120. Thanks for the link--maybe we'll get to a beer thing sometime soon, too.

      1. Or possibly Red Oak brewery (formerly Spring Garden) - they also brew their own beer - but peetoteeto is probably right, since Natty Greene's is famous for their sandwiches.

        1. The place we ate was not the one at the Natty Green website--it was just a little hole in the wall at the end of an old, small, strip mall. Maybe we just had the Natty Green beer there 'cause that seems right.

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          1. realjuel-

            I believe the demise of the sandwich is tied to the fact that there's less good, local bread around now.