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Feb 15, 2007 05:21 AM


I was thinking about making Muffalettas for a Mardi Gras party. Does anyone have a good recipe? I swear I saw an Everyday Italian episode where she made a terrific-looking one, but I can't find the recipe anywhere.

As a side note, do you think muffalettas are an OK entree for a dinner party? I feel like it's such a cop-out to made a huge sandwich, but they are tasty and easy for a dinner party, so I can actually spend time with my guests. The runner-up option is red beans and rice. (And if you have a good recipe for those, let 'er rip!)

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  1. Toward the end of this page there is a recipe. Looks pain-staking for the olive salad- not a cop out imho:

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      Thanks for the fantastic description and great recipe, Spencer. Can't wait to try it (although, I won't be making it in that quantity!).

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        I know! I wish they would have scaled it down a bit.

    2. This sandwich is all about the bread and olive salad.

      Here is a recipe for the bread:

      1. I love that idea! Muffalettas are so yummy and would go great with a side of red beans and rice. Olive relish should be that hard to make but it is certainly the key ingredient to a delicious sandwich.

        I might have to copy your idea... ; )

        1. Here's the recipe you were thinking of: FN spells it muffuletta. I think it would be a fun dinner party dish! I've made this particular recipe before, but didn't taste it- it was well received for the people I cooked for.

          1. I love muffalettas and think it's a great idea. Many, myself included, consider the Central Grocery muffaletta to be the definitive version. It is, as others said, all about the olive salad and the bread. Both are amazing at Central. I believe you can order from them. Here's some info on Central Grocery and a phone number. If they do indeed ship the olive salad, I'd buy their's rather than making the FN show version.

            I think the rice and beans would be great to serve also rather than instead of. If you're adventurous, some good gumbo would be a great item to have too, or jambalaya, or etouffe or...well, I could go on but won't.

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              Mmm... Some crawfish etouffee would go great too! It's pretty easy to make. I would almost do all 3 - if you're having a decent sized group over. Totally Cajun!

              Side note: I made some once because my ex loved it, I forgot the tomato paste - it was awful! Don't forget the tomato paste!