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Feb 15, 2007 05:20 AM

Stomach Flu--What to Drink? Nibble?

The horrible stomach flu has struck our household. Other than Coca cola (which I remember from my childhood as a stomach-soother), what is best to give to an eruptive gut very, very sparingly?

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  1. sometimes it helps to have nothing for 12 hours, if everything seems to be coming up. however, flat/warm gingerale I think works best when you decide to start. but definitely sip whatever you try over time, do not take too much at once as the stomach can't handle it & will reject it. Then I'd move on to jello.

    1. Ginger candies! My husband had this last week and it was suggested that Ginger candy would make him feel better. And it really worked. The brand we used was Reed's Ginger Candy.

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        Absolutely! I was under the weather last week adn most of this one. I got Ginger People Chews and some of their just plain crystalized ginger. It settles a stomach quickly. For my dogs I often give them ginger in cheese if they are showing signs of getting car sick on a trip.

      2. As kids we always did golden gingerale. Nowadays, we give the kids pedialyte or gator ade to replenish the nutriants and to avoid dehydration. I also agree that jello soothing and easy on the stomach. My kids like the frozen pops. Rest and get well!

        1. I'd suggest Gatorade over Coke (your going to want to rehydrate). Then keep it very simple: jello, gummy bears, broth, plain rice, etc... Avoid dairy, spices, citrus, etc...

          I've had A LOT of stomach problems in the past, so this is almost my forte (sad thing to brag about, I know). You might want to have some Coke but I wouldn't suggest drinking a lot of it as it is so acidic and might lead to more dehydration than you're already experiencing. I can't stress Gatorade (if you have little ones, there's a kiddie rehydrant too but I can't remember the name Pedia-something?) enough.

          1. another vote for ginger ale...also I find that ice cream/gelato really helps settle my stomach...

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              Ha! - someone else who finds gelato soothing after upset stomach. I don't care for full-fat ice cream (when flu-y), but I really do find gelato or sherbert soothing.

              Otherwise, can't beat the classics (as everyone else instructed): ginger ale, saltines.