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Recommendations for Twin Cities Rehearsal Dinner

hey guys-- i'm from baltimore and i need some help finding a great rehearsal dinner restaurant for my wedding this july. i'm looking at 15-25 per entree, someplace in uptown or downtown. thanks for any help you can offer!

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  1. how many people?

    Lots of out of towners staying in a hotel or not?

    Sit down or cocktail style?

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      about 30 people, sit down, most people are from the twin cities, relatives will be staying at a hotel but we're not sure where yet!

    2. "Uptown" is a neighborhood in Mpls -- do you have a preference for one city or the other?

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        i've been to uptown a few times and i really enjoy the neighborhood...i'd prefer it to be around there but downtown is fine too. i just really don't want to do the suburbs...thanks for your help!

      2. Not sure if you wanted your $15-$25 menu to include app, wine and/or dessert -and though it's on the upper end of your budget - if you did want it in Uptown - what about JP American Bistro?

        1. I've found private dining for 20-30 people, unfortunately, a little hard to come by around here (compared with say, Chicago). You're mostly going to be looking at fine(r) dining chairs like Capital Grill and Palamino. Not bad places to eat at all, but not necessarily the best of what the TC has to offer IMO.

          Private Rooms:
          Lurcat (Dowtown, likely over budget) http://www.cafelurcat.com/
          Solera (Downtown, likely over budget) http://www.solera-restaurant.com/
          Capital Grille (Downtown, maybe over budget) http://www.thecapitalgrille.com
          Azia (Eat Street Mpls, not quite private, maybe over budget) http://www.aziarestaurant.com/
          Loring Pasta Bar (in Dinkytown Mpls, but under budget) http://www.loringcafe.com/
          Rossi's (Downtown, steakhouse, over-budget) http://www.rossissteakhouse.com/
          Vincent (Downtown, likely over-budget) http://www.vincentarestaurant.com/
          20.21 skyline room (In the Walker, over-budget


          Big Rooms:
          Palomino (Downtown, maybe over budget) http://www.palomino.com/
          Drink (Uptown, last resort IMO
          )Stella's (Uptown, hope your guests like seafood) http://www.stellasfishcafe.com/
          Chino Latino (Uptown, I would not recommend this at all


          112 Eatery (current darling) just opened their second floor, however, I do not believe their kitchen could take a party of 10 much less 30.

          There are several patios that might be available as well in July for reservation including Stella's and Joe's Garage (Drink Uptown has a large patio as well).

          I am sure I left out a ton...congratulations and all the best.

          1. Foureyes, what a wonderful list!

            Muffuletta in St. Paul does a nice job with situating groups in private rooms and is probably within your budget.



            1. The Twin Cities Originals web page has a list of member restaurants with party rooms. Only a few are in downtown/uptown Mpls: The Dakota (fancy), Murray's (expensive), Rudolph's (BBQ/not the best in town), and Nicollet Island Inn (expensive but pretty).

              I'm not sure I can recommend any of these (haven't been to Murray's or the Dakota, didn't like the food at Nicollet Island Inn a few years ago, and Rudolph's is onl so-so). But here's the link in case you want to do more research on party rooms.



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              1. re: AnneInMpls

                I'm always a little surprised at how good the food is at the Dakota when I go there for music. Although it's nothing too adventurous, the kitchen is pretty solid. The price may be a little high for you, unless you really mean ONLY entree for $15-25.

              2. We had a post-wedding party at Nye's in December. Yes, the food is not spectacular but it was incredibly fun. We got the whole back room to ourselves with our own bar and bartender.

                We also looked into Al Vento in S. MInneapolis - they will rent out their back room for private parties.

                Also, based on our recent rehearsal dinner experience, go somewhere where you can have a completely private room. Ours was in Manhattan in a restaurant that had thick velvet curtains that separated areas within one big space. Our rehearsal dinner was awesome, so much fun I forgot we had to get married the next day, but people wanted to give speeches and toasts and it was hard with all the background noise.

                1. I've been to parties @ Azia & its a fun room w/its own bar - works well for a buffet type thing - but could be sit down as well.
                  Probably could keep the cost down if you did a buffet with lots of fun drinks!

                  Solera might be a really fun option as well.

                  1. Mentioned above, I've heard good things about Loring Pasta Bar as a rehearsal dinner space. I believe you can rent just the upstairs. It is in Dinkytown by the University of Minnesota, although relatively close to downtown.

                    I also like Firelake's private spaces - they have a board room for about 10, or a few larger rooms that can be configured for different size groups. It is in the heart of downtown. I think Solera might be a great option, although perhaps over budget. I think their room charge is quite high.

                    1. After perusing citysearch.com, I remember that Campiello has a small-ish room. Depending on how big your party is, that might be a good Uptown destination.

                      1. Chiang Mai Thai...Location..Food..Price...Bar...Private room...Up-town......DONE

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