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Feb 15, 2007 04:38 AM

Pubs with good bar food - UWS

Can you recommend any pubs with a good atmosphere (lively, music playing etc) that also does decent bar food. Amsterdam, Broadway, Columbus between 63rd and 78th Street

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  1. Prohibition? Columbus in the low 80s. Can't remember an exact address...sorry.

    1. BLONDIES has tasty wings.

      1. i think macaleers has good burgers. nothiong else though. it's on 81 and amsterdam

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        1. re: jsmitty

          Seconded. Very good burgers. Lousy onion rings and other sides. Great interior.

        2. Dive Bar on 96th and Amst has a great sundae, but the food is just your regular fare.

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          1. re: jcm

            I have to say, I know it's out of your area, but I think the pub grub at Dive Bar is great. tasty, beer battered onion rings, fresh cut fries, good burgers and grilled chicken. And a great bourbon selection.

          2. All State Cafe, on W. 72nd between B'way and West End Ave. Above average pub fare.