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Pubs with good bar food - UWS

Can you recommend any pubs with a good atmosphere (lively, music playing etc) that also does decent bar food. Amsterdam, Broadway, Columbus between 63rd and 78th Street

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  1. Prohibition? Columbus in the low 80s. Can't remember an exact address...sorry.

    1. BLONDIES has tasty wings.

      1. i think macaleers has good burgers. nothiong else though. it's on 81 and amsterdam

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          Seconded. Very good burgers. Lousy onion rings and other sides. Great interior.

        2. Dive Bar on 96th and Amst has a great sundae, but the food is just your regular fare.

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            I have to say, I know it's out of your area, but I think the pub grub at Dive Bar is great. tasty, beer battered onion rings, fresh cut fries, good burgers and grilled chicken. And a great bourbon selection.

          2. All State Cafe, on W. 72nd between B'way and West End Ave. Above average pub fare.

            1. Malachy's on 72nd right west of Amsterdam. One of the cheapest places for bar food I've found, and it's surprisingly tasty! great zucchini sticks, chicken fingers, fries, BLTs, grilled cheese, and burgers etc at half the price of other pubs. it's a bit divey but it's never crowded and they have flat screen TVs. I go there to watch games all the time!

              1. Crossroads. It's a dive bar, but I like that you can go there, order one of the many beers and order delivery from anywhere.

                1. Slightly out of your range, but Firehouse on Columbus around 85th has really good burgers and wings.