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Kosher Restaurants in NYC

I just moved to NYC from London after years of coming here on business.

In London Kaifeng was by far my favourite (kosher) restaurant. I ordered in from them nearly every week. Sollys falafel and hummus is a close second.

In NYC I love Tevere (polla al marsala), but it has too many veal dishes for my tastes. I also love the steak au poivre at Le Marais (but had a couple of meals recently that were poor). I have been going to both for years.

Other than that I find Prime Grill ok (but not great), Abigaels was nice (but not wow), Solo was fine (but nothing special). Le Carne was so-so.

Am I missing any places that I should try? And how come Manhattan has no decent Chinese (meat) restaurant?

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  1. No disrespect intended, but I lived in London for two years and although I'm not a fan of all the restaurants you listed, if you think that Kaifeng compares favorably to any of them I question your tastes. If you're looking for a substitute for Kaifeng just go to your local kosher Chinese dive, dump additional MSG on it and triple the price. Solly's, on the other hand, I can understand. I would give Olympic Pita in Manhattan or Brooklyn a try. Also, although the ambiance is lacking, Kasbah has gotten pretty good over the last couple of years and might also appeal to you.

    1. Chairman Mao - you must be thinking of Marcus's when you say MSG. I would swap Kaifeng for any of the NY restaurants. And it's not that expensive. Eden Wok doesn't even compare to Marcus - I guess some of that is you like what u know, but still . . .

      I went to Kasbah a couple of weeks ago. I thought I had been back in '94, but in my mind it was then a deli place, lots of religious students, lots of noise, and TV's with the lub rebbe on. Only thing the same this time was the rebbe on plasma TV. (Did noone tell them he's no longer around? Anyway...)

      Thanks for the Olympic pita suggestion. Will try that.

      1. A few that stand out to me:
        Darna for Moroccan on Columbus.
        Taam Tov for Bukharan on 47th Street.
        Ali Baba for Yemeni on Amsterdam.

        1. BS"D

          My bro-in-law always liked Galil for a solid, enjoyable dinner. I ate there a few times- it's somewhere on the east side- and the food was indeed solid and enjoyable. It's not a fancy place (for that matter, neither is Le Marais), but the food tastes good, it's clean, and it's comfortable- at least it was the last time I ate there a few years ago.

          Craig Winchell

          1. Mike's Bistro. Absolutely the best kosher food in Manhattan.

            1. If you are in the five towns area, Bistro Grill French Steakhouse in Woodmere. Their Delmonico is exceptional, and unlike Prime Grill, is available all days, not just Tuesdays! Also absolutely no parking problems!

              1. You should defintely try Park East Grill- food and decor and both great and the pricing is reasonable.

                1. Solo. Try the wine-paired tasting menu. Pricey, but DE-LISH!

                  1. Deli Kasbah, 85th & Broadway

                    Last night the four of us plus granddaughter (2 yrs) took the train down to 86th St from 110 & Bdway, and enjoyed a great time there. The service was definitely Jerusalem style, Lacking. However the entrées were great, we all left saying what a great time we had, excellent food. Small, packed restaurant, but the food made up for all the inequities. Prices were good vs portions, and great presentation of entrées. There was only a few tables occupied when we arrived around 6:30, but it really filled up, lines out the door. My granddaughter made all the noise she wanted, just blended in. They accommodated her immediately when we asked for a kids chair. Felt we were at a restaurant on Emek Refam. Highly recommend this place. 20 hours later and no issues with the food. Too bad there is nothing like this in Boston. The only negative part of our dinning experience that I could not figure out was when we finished our meals, the line was out the door, and no one could be bothered to ask if we wanted our check or anything else like the nice dessert plate sitting next to us. Um gee, perhaps some other people would like the table. Definitely Israeli style. Finally after about 15 minutes I asked and I was given my check to pay. FYI, tip is added in, maybe that's why the service was lacking.

                    1. Park East Grill closed, as did Eden Wok on the upper west side. If you don't mind the rebbe gazing down at you, and prices that seem to rise as portion sizes drop, Kasbah has very good food, especially its meat. If you want good chinese, go to chosen in queens or the five towns, or shangchai in brooklyn (caveat emptor on shangchai's hashgacha). As for Mike's bistro- tiny portions (except for possibly the steak) and limited menu will leave you hungry, but the food is tasty and the decor and service are nice as well.

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                        The hashgacha's probably the best thing about Shangchai. Unless the food has improved tremendously over the past decade (which is about how long ago I was last there) you can do much better elsewhere.

                        For takeaway, where all that matters is the food itself, my favourite Chinese place is China Mehadrin, on Ave J (E12/E13). There are a few tables for eating in as well, but that's not its business, so decor and atmosphere is zero. It's just a place to eat your takeaway if you don't feel like taking it away, so to speak. It does have a usable WiFi signal leaking in from one of its neighbours.

                        For proper dining, I actually like China Glatt; the food isn't great but it's acceptable (better than Shangchai IMO), and it seems to have the best balance of food vs everything else.

                        Going past Chinese, the new Jerusalem Palace (where Bissaleh used to be) shows promise.

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                          Is Glatt Kosher Family on 18th Ave. as good as China Mehadrin ??

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                            In my opinion, not even close. I used to go there a lot just because it's convenient to the F train. But I haven't been there in ages.

                            1. re: zsero

                              Glatt Kosher Family is filthy. The whole restaurant needs a major cleaning.