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Feb 15, 2007 03:13 AM

private booths

so i'm changing my mind about what i wanna do....i'm thinking of going to The Roof at the Hyatt during sunset (oh sky, please be clear)...and then going to somewhere with a private choices:

- savoy
- bravi (really want to try the elevator experience)
- nami (the tatami mats seem interesting, but it's not really private (for 2) is it?)

any other suggestions? i read on here about southern accent...but i think it's a little ways away...

afterwards, i was thinking of going up to canoe for they let you reserve a table just for dessert and drinks? (i was thinking around 930-10pm...what's the crowd like at that time on friday?)...if that falls through, then i'm gonna take her karaoke'ing...heh...

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  1. Southern Accent is near Bloor and Bathurst, not far at all.

    1. Just a thought - but a three-stop date might be over the top (unless you pick places that are really close together or you're really, really into each other). You're obviously putting significant planning into a special evening, and I wonder whether it might be hard to maintain the vibe if you're spending all your time in taxis (especially in such unpleasant weather)?

      But I think two stops are great - and I love the Hyatt.

      Quite different atmospheres at your restaurant picks. I haven't been since it was Torch, but Savoy was ruinously reviewed here not long ago. Nami is good (make sure she's into Japanese!). Bravi would be an "experience," although I've only grabbed a quick pre-theatre drink at their bar. Southern Accent is quirky and fun (just like karaoke... ).

      1. I haven't been to Bravi in awhile, but I don't recall their food being anything spectacular (what elevator experience?). The food is decent, nothing memorable.
        Nami is good (hasn't been my fave Japanese in T.O. for years though). The mats are better for larger groups. The do have regular booths that would be more private.

        1. dude, that's a lot of stops.
          I agree with Pescatarian, that the food at Bravi is just 'okay' -- the elevator IS private though, and there is another 'celler' space that is enclosed on three sides but still on the ground
          I'm not a Nami fan at all
          If you're set on Canoe for dessert, then you could do dinner at Bymark so there's less commuting -- table 28 (I think that's the number) is bench seating where you sit in an L/corner and it is not visible from the door. (gets you closer together than a traditional booth, but still private).

          Seriously though, from a woman -- I totally admire your enthusiasm and how much you're willing to do but two stops is plenty, three verges on trying a bit too hard. Ya wanna be cool to go along with your locale choices, eh

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          1. re: orangewasabi

            lol, I get the elevator now - I'm not usually that daft, but it was early in the morning

            I agree that Bymark is a good choice - better than the others - or I would suggest just going to Canoe - I think you'd have a fabulous time there even if you're not right by the window.

          2. well...the elevator is booked...
            don't think i'll be going to nami since we've done japanese quite a bit...
            leaning towards savoy...though still thinking about canoe...

            and yeah, 3 stops is probably one too many...definitely still doing the hyatt though...

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            1. re: silentnoise

              Then skip Savoy and go straight to Canoe. You're saving $20 per main at Savoy, but the cab fare would cost you an extra $5-7.