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Feb 15, 2007 02:10 AM

Is 13 an unlucky number for a reservation? help!!

I am in charge of a 5oth birthday bash in April. Have been calling for a table no one seems to have a table larger than 10! Or we have to eat at either 5:30 or 9: 30 with a limited menu. Have called Gotham Grill, Union Square ,Craft etc. Considered booking 2 tables but can't be gauranteed seating close by. Looking for $ 50.00 plus wine per person in Manhattan with varied menu nice ambiance.Thinking of Beacon but can't find alot of reviews. Help dinner is in April.

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  1. Make a reservation for 14 or 12 and then fib about one person showing up/cancelling at the last minute.

    There's an old old superstition about 13 people at a table so that's why I'm suggesting you add or subtract one number from your reservation. Hey, maybe it's possible one more person will show up! :)

    1. You should be able to find something since you do have several weeks. Do a search on here for private parties and rehearsal dinners. Don't book 2 separate tables, but you may consider taking a limited menu (I think it will help make everything run more smoothly).

      Alta is our rehearsal dinner spot... delicious small plates to share, great drinks and wine.

      1. Oh... I just recommended Blue Ribbon Bakery to someone else booking a group... their private table in the cozy little nook downstairs should fit 13.

        1. Union Square cafe, Gotham, craft is going to set you more then $50 pp and thats not including wine plus tip.

          1. Will you consider doing Brazilian Rodizio? Like Churascarria Plataforma or Porcao. Both places will be able to accomodate your party size in long rectangular tables and are festive enough. But, the AYCE buffet of grilled meats and a well stocked salad, appetizer bar sans wine and dessert is a little over 50 bucks per head. None of the places you have mentioned actually will fit the 50 bucks per head category exclusive of drinks. If you'll consider can try Crispo on West 14th St. or Cacio e Pepe on 2nd Ave. in the East Village if they will be able to accomodate your group size. I'd also suggest booking a table for 14 instead of 13...just makes it easier for everyone. You can always just say on the day itself that one person will not be able to make it if they refused to sit an incomplete group. There's also Park Ave. Cafe. I am assuming that they have enough space to connect a couple of tables and make one good for your group and they have this pay your age deal for a 3 course meal if, you go for dinner at or after 8:30pm. If, your group's average age is 50 and below then you will have a good chance of remaining on budget.