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Feb 14, 2007 10:39 PM

Mongolian BBQ or just good food in the UCI area?

I was wondering if anyone knew of a Mongolian BBQ place in the UCI area. Just came here for grad school and can't find one. Any suggestions? Saw an old post from '02 but that place is gone...

Any help would be great.

Also if anyone has any new places to suggest, I would welcome ANY recommendations. Honestly, getting tired of the food in the University Center.

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  1. Let's see, I'm finishing up my ungraduate work at UCI-I don't know about Mongolian BBQ but here are some places that I've discovered to get me by. Anjin on Bristol not too far from Southcoast is a clean, delicious Japanese grill your own meat type place. It's a little pricey though and be sure to get the tongue if you go. Fukada near the Spectrum. serves some good soba and udon and their unagi-don is my favorite (be sure to get the brown rice). On Jeffrey and Walnut, there's a Nice Time Deli in the 99 Ranch Plaza that have some yummy Taiwanese fare, Ay Chung Noodle House in the same plaza is supposed to be good too. Across the way in the plaza where Taiko (very popular sushi place) is El Conejo, my favorite Mexican food joint in the area. If you're itching for Thai food, there's Thai Kitchen on Barranca. Let's see-I think that's plenty for now. Oh, and Wholesome Choice market in the Rite Aid plaza on Culver has tons of stuff to choose from, there's like a whole food court in there. Hope this helps! Oh, and here's elmomonster's food blog it's a great source.

    1. I usually find myself at Pho Bac Ky on the corner of University and Michelson. It can be a bit crowded at lunch since all the workers from the tech companies collide with the usual lunch crowd, but it isn't bad. There's a Korean BBQ joint right next to it that I've never been to.

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        Yeah-I like Pho Bac Ky. Oh, there's a great Korean place called heh, Korean Restaurant in the huge plaza around Culver/ Walnut. It's kinda close to the Rite Aid (the first time I went my friend had trouble finding it even though we were in the right plaza)

      2. A Little Taste of Asia
        2394 Newport Boulevard
        Costa Mesa, CA (California) 92627-1549
        Phone: (949) 650-1421

        They have Mongolian BBQ here, but I haven't ordered it lately so I can't really comment on it.

        1. There's not great mongolian BBQ near UCI. If you can make the trek out to Mainplace mall in Santa Ana (5 freeway at Main) inside the food court there is a Genghis Khan's mongolian bbq chain. It's a food court place, one bowl per order (not all you can eat), and is about $6 for one trip. They do it pretty decent there, if you don't mind the fast food atmosphere.

          1. There is no Mongolian BBQ anywhere around UCI. My Favorite places around you are Pho Bac ky (as you've heard), House of Shabu Shabu on Jeffery/Walnut