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Feb 14, 2007 10:03 PM

Cafe Sabarsky - Sat @ noon: Will I beat the crowds?

I'm planning on going to Cafe Sabarsky in a party of 3 on Saturday at 12. Has anyone been there around this time and know whether or not this is a bad idea? If so, how early does one have to get there to beat the crowds?


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  1. Hard to say on a Saturday, but 12.00 should do it. Any later and you'll be in that line, behind the velvet rope, and depending on who's there, you'll either be snarled at or charmed by the correctional officer in charge of the clipboard.

    - Sean

    1. You are almost definitely going to have to wait in line at 12. I usually go around 10/10:30, when there is no line, and when I leave, often before 12, there is invariably a line. If you are looking for a guarantee, at 9:45 the place is virtually empty and you may be able to score a prized banquette.

      1. If it's too crowded and you don't feel like waiting, you can get the same menu at Cafe Fledermaus in the basement. The room isn't as pretty, but the food tastes every bit as good.

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          thanks for the feedback! we'll aim for 11:30 and use the cafe as a backup.

        2. if you can, get a sampling of different desserts. if you are eating lunch, dessert is essental too. the streudel is memorable.

          1. is it still in the neue gallerie.

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