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Feb 14, 2007 09:03 PM

Movie Food: Marie Antoinette

OK, I just watched this movie...and food has a great background part! Comments?

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  1. Did they show a lot of cake?

    1. I enjoyed this movie a lot, and I thought it did a good job showing what the court meals were like (protocol, etc.). I would have like to have had a better idea about what was being served ... the only thing that was really obvious was the whole fish. It made me want to read up a bit more on the reign of Louis XVI and M.A.; apparently Louis XVI was a renowned glutton.

      1. I absolutely loved the desserts! The macaroons looked amazing.

        1. It was a great movie if you love pastels, which I do, and I remember a lot of licking things off fingers, which is always good. Loved the costumes. Leaving the theater I overheard a twenty-something woman say to her girlfriend "It was really good and would have been better if it had a story." I had to agree.

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            It was a very 'pretty' movie and the pastel desserts especially looked very scrumptious. . .Junie D - love the kitty!!

            1. re: clim212

              Thanks. He's a chowhound of another sort!

            2. re: Junie D

              the admission price for the movie was actually all about the costumes. . . the horses were a bonus, and then the food another added one, so you get your money's worth!

            3. I agree, Quine -- I was amazed at the food. I want to know who the stylist was! It all was so over the top -- which is how I felt about the movie in general. In fact we mentioned it in CHOW's year in food feature: (it's that last link in the blurb about food porn).