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Feb 14, 2007 08:39 PM


I don't get up to Portland often enough but Friday night I will. A friend told me about a Cajun place called Lagniappe he and his wife went to. They liked it, anyone else? If so, what dishes in particular did you like?

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  1. The gumbo is up there with the best I ever had. Also, the po-boys are most excellent.

    1. Thanks, Michael. In my opinion what makes a good po-boy is a light and crispy french bread. Something that doesn't gum up when you chew it, or isn't so dense your jaws are aching when you finish. Do they also serve seafood? Crawfish season is either just starting or isn't far off.

      1. Lagniappe is indeed good. I don't like their jambalaya, though. Their gumbo is much better. There's better BBQ around, too. Note, there are two other Cajun/Creole places in town that are also good: Acadia and Roux. Lagniappe is definitely the most Cajun of the three and thus has the best values.

        A link from a big meal several of us had there:

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          Thanks for the link to your Portland Food site. I tried numerous times last night to access it. but it must have been bloated to the point of belching with other users. Got in just now though. I'll have to give this place a try soon. Also, since I couldn't get into your site I was checking the citysearch site for Roux. That'll have to wait. The recent posts for Assaggio there were interesting however.

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            Was switching servers late last night.