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Feb 14, 2007 07:51 PM

Northampton, Ma. Eating?

I am taking my girlfriend out to eat in Northampton and I don't really know the good spots in the area. We would like something sit down and nice, but not too expensive. Suggestions much appreciated!!!! Thanks!

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  1. We were there recently for an evening after several years. A friend recommended Circa. Prices are not low, the food was more than good, in some instances excellent (particularly the wild mushroom soup). The service was faintly ridiculous, a whole lot of staff who in their collective effort never manage to achieve the goal. It was a pretty good dinner and the setting is nice, maybe our impressions were affected by the memory of a restaurant called Lady Bird's, which used to be in the same spot and was perfect in every way.

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      Green Street Cafe is cheaper and funkier and almost as good.

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        I don't think Green St. is any cheaper than Circa, although I do enjoy the food there.

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          My wife showed me a short article in Travel & Leisure last night on Rachel Maddow. She lists Green. St. as one of her faves.


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        Hi Gordito; I am the erstwhile Ladybird of whence you speak: my long ago life. Thank you for the kind words... ;) S

      3. I'm not sure what you feel is expensive but here's some decent choices for a date. I'll stay away from recommending small hole-in-the-wall ethinc joints, but if you want to know about some just reply.

        Spoletto is reliable italian/American (my girlfriend took me there on our first date -- now we're married). My wife likes Pizzaria Paradiso - it's pleasant, not expensive. India House on State St. is good. The best joint in town is Del Ray but it's more pricey.

        Stay away from Northhampton Brewery and Smokin' Lil's. Yucko on both.

        If you're willing to drive 10 minutes out of town, I'm a big fan of Apollo Grill in Easthampton:

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          This response is 2 years old! Lil's is gone, see the active link for most (poor) opinions on Spoleto. As to India House, all I'll add is my one and only meal there was soooo bad it almost drove me away from Indian cuisine.

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            You're right! What's up with that? :)

            I'm with you on India House, I don't care for the food OR atmosphere (tables jammed in together).

        2. Most places in Northampton are either overrated or mediocre at best. Circa is good but not great and spollettos is extremely overpriced and mediocre. From what I hear the best places are within a half hour's drive:

          Chez Albert in Amherst
          Blue Heron

          Circa's isnt bad. We were just there tonight but it was a bit dissapointing. Stay away from spoletto's/del raye's. Green STreet is supposed to be good and Viva's is a very affordable nice pasta place. The thai place is decent. I want to check out apollo grill. I have heard good things about it.