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Feb 14, 2007 07:50 PM

Paper Wrapped Chicken

Ok. So I have been loving Paper Wrapped Chicken at Chinese Food places since I was like 10. I used to have good hole in the walls Id go to but over the years they have gone away. Pick Up Stix used to sell them, but they killed them the past year. I havent found anyone that has good ones since.

Im not a "chain" type of guy... Pick Up Stix just so happened to have them done right. The reason why I liked the Pick Up Stix ones was because they were held together tight, blended meat and vegetables and had a good amount of water chestnuts in them.

Anyone have a good place to get them? Anyoen else have this little obsession?

Thanks in advance!

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    1. Very easy to make.
      Chicken Thigh with seasoning wrapped in Foil then DEEP FRIED. You can make 20 of them for $10-

      1. Try it at New Moon Restaurant, they have 3 locations in LA county: Downtown LA, Montrose, and Valencia. Their website is

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          They have nice paper wrapped chicken at "Jin Jiang" on Santa Monica blvd. in WLA. It is sold as an appetizer and also comes as part of their PoPo Platter.

          (310) 444-7171

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            Twin Panda in West Hills has the best paper wrapped chicken. It is my wife's favorite appitizer and have it at numerous restaurants.
            Twin Panda is the best hands down.

          2. I really like the paper wrapped chicken at Hu's in Culver City. And, like you, I order it whenever I go for chinese, although it's not always on the menu.