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Feb 14, 2007 07:22 PM

Roseberry, Northridge at Galleria Mall

We tried Roseberry yesterday located inside Galleria Mall, a Korean supermarket on Reseda and Devonshire. It wasn't bad at all, close in taste to pinkberry, even the logo looks just like it.
But I really wanted to share the following: My daughter ordered, what she always orders at Fiore and Pinkberry, a large with three toppings. As for the toppings she wanted mango three times, exactly what she orders at the other places. They said that wasn't possible, she had to choose three different toppings, they said that they can not serve the same topping three times, I asked why that was a problem. Their answer, "we don't want to run out of mango', and they didn't answer in a very nice way.
I couldn't beleive it! To me that seems a little weird! We might not go back, but it is actually the closest pinkberry type store to us, and my daughter is addicted to Pinkberry yogurt.
Pinkberry will be oopening in the Valencia Westfield Mall, but not very soon

Just sharing!

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  1. that's pretty lame. as if the name itself wasn't enough of a poor knockoff!

    1. had some roseberry from galleria northridge two days ago. it tastes pretty good but i thought the fro yo was a bit more dense than pinkberry. could have been because it had been sitting for a while before we actually got to eat it (took it to go).

      one thing though- i went there at lunch time and they said they would open at 5pm. is that for every day, or just that day because they're just getting started? (i forgot to ask so thought someone here may know).

      1. just went back again last week. i asked for double raspberry, and the lady said we aren't allowed to double up on ANY TOPPING. i was about to point out that extra raspberries are about 30 steps away in the grocery produce dept should my little order wipe out her raspberry supply, but i figured i'd let her fester and lose customers on her own so i kept my mouth shut. also she totally short scooped the blueberries.

        the yogurt tasted pretty good though, but i get the feeling that it's more dense than pinkberry and maybe a little bit sweeter.

        too bad we won't be going there much b/c of the awful service.

        1. if you dont like the one in the galleria mall, try across the street. it called Boba City Cafe. they just opened, they have yogurt, ice cream, bing soo, coffee, tea/boba and some foods. it's located in the same center near Outback steak house and starbucks.

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            Boba City has actually been there for a few years but just recently added the yogurt to their menu since this huge yogurt craze came to be. I tried it 2 days ago... tart, more icey than creamy. Sorry, but I forgot their pricing.

          2. parking at that boba city place is a disaster though! NEVER enough spaces!