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Feb 14, 2007 07:11 PM

How did your Red Velvet Cake turn out?

The New York Times recipe worked out very well for me--it was the first time we've tried this cake. The cream cheese/marscapone frosting isn't so sweet-sweet, which is nice, and the cake was moist and yummy. My wife loved it! A Valentine's Day success!

Anyone else give it a whirl??

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  1. I almost made it - I really was very close to making it, but then got lazy. Glad to hear it worked out - I plan on trying it sometime. How would you describe the taste? Could you taste the cocoa?

    1. I've posted my results on my blog it's a pretty cake, but my use of the wrong food coloring messed with the cake. You can discern the cocoa, but it could do with more. The color is beautiful though. The cake is definitely moist though, due to the vinegar and buttermilk.

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        I made it a few weeks after V's Day for a friend's birthday. I do believe mine was a bit redder than yours (not sure what your issue with the food coloring was, or might have done). I got a bit spooked (and more than a bit stained) 'cause the batter was so liquidy -- I guess I'm used to baking with butter? Anyhow, I got RAVE reviews from the recipient, who said it was one of the best cakes she's ever had. She's not much of a gourmande, though, so don't know how much it means. I personally didn't love it, but that's just because I can't ever take so much sweet in one place without the tang of fruit or lots of dark chocolate to temper the sugar.

      2. This cake was great. The recipe worked perfectly, always a good sign, and the cake both looked and tasted wonderful. I was particularly happy with how moist it was and I found the frosting to be particularly good. In response to an earlier poster's comments about the lack of chocolate flavor and the problematic coloring, I recommend she/he consider buying professional grade things from a place like NY Cake and Baking (on line too). The owners are not nice to say the least, but they sell the right ingredients.

        1. I made Red Velvet Cupcakes for Easter and I got good reviews. I used Paula Deen's grandma recipe off of It was very dense and moist. A cup of milk was a welcome addition when eating it. I didn't use her frosting recipie because it wasn't what we used traditionally on our RV cakes in the family. I used a basic buttercream frosting recipe and it turned out lovely. I will be making these again for sure!

          1. I finally tried the Red Velvet Cake recipe from the NYTimes. I totally agree with OP that it was super moist and yummy. I ran out of food coloring, so it wasn't really red, but what I noticed was that the cocoa flavor really came out - they tasted like chocolate cupcakes to me, though it has been a long time since I've had a chocolate cupcake, so my chocolate sensors might just be off. I was surprised by the chocolate flavor, but it was yummy and I'm not complaining. I was a bit worried at first, however, because the batter seemed to be really thin - and the cupcakes spread a lot (I made cupcakes, and filling the cupcake tins 2/3 full turned out to be too much.) But all in all, really yummy. I confess that I ran out of time and didn't make the frosting, so I can't comment on that.