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Feb 14, 2007 07:00 PM

"Healthy" homemade pop?

I sometimes enjoy carbonated beverages, but can't stand all the sugar that comes in most canned pops.

Does anyone have any innovative ideas for home-made pop? I usually go for good 'ol club soda and Ribena, but any other interesting suggestions are welcome. No artificial sweeteners please and thanks!

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  1. Easiest alt to soda I've found: 1/2 refrig case/already made lemonade/limeade (like TJ's) and 1/2 carbonated mineral water (Pellegrino, Calistoga, etc.) over ice. The lemon or lime carry enough flavor and the mineral water carries enough bite. The big thing is you just have pour it.

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      I love this... I pick up a case of Pellegrino and the prepared "organic lemonade" at TJ's, then use a splash of lemonade with mostly pellegrino... don't do anywhere near half-half, so it's a lot less sweet than standard soda which I really like... with the added benefit of fewer sugar calories.

    2. Get an old-fashioned seltzer bottle, the type that takes cartridges, and carbonate whatever beverage suits your taste. I'd go to some of the Arabic markets and get the various eastern European fruit syrups they always seem to carry. I've got blackberry, raspberry and black currant in my fridge right now and they'd be great carbonated.

      Alternately, just by seltzer water and add the syrup to taste.

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        I don't know if it is available internationally, but at home I buy Zora's Organic Lemon Concentrate. Only cane sugar and concentrated lemon in a syrup, I add it to carbonated water and whatever juice I have on hand. It is amazing. If I am out of that, straight lemon juice adds so much flavor to any drink.

      2. There is also an organic green tea iced tea and regular iced tea powder that adds a lot of flavor to carb water and lemon syrup

        1. Add sugar-free Torani or Davinci syrups to seltzer

          1. Apple juice or orange juice (any natural juices, actually--grape, blueberry, pomegranate) mixed with the desired amount of soda water or Perrier.
            We used to serve this to our kids when they were younger, to avoid giving them commercial pop.

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              We do this, too. It cuts down on juice consumption as well. We all love to drink juice this way.

              Our favorite is "or-cran-fizz."