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Feb 14, 2007 06:49 PM

Annapolis or area seafood with view and character?

I guess the header pretty well explains what I am looking for this upcoming Sunday's lunch. Any ideas? Thanks!

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  1. There are plenty of places in the vicinity with views, but a lot of them don't have great food. I would say the best on I can think of with "character" is Cantler's Riverside Inn. It's an experience just getting there off of Route 50.

    1. Paul's on the South River.......outstanding

      1. Yellow Fin. Ask for a table with a water view when making a reservation.

        1. Cantler's definitely wins hands down on the "character" and Yellow Fin on "view", but both are very weak on food, especially for Cantlers when local crabs are not in season. Pauls is pretty good on food and a decent view, but half of the place is a wedding reception hall and the restaurant part is very sedate with a much older crowd. There is also the Severn Inn across from the Naval Academy with a wonderful view, but very weak on food. Carrolls Creek at Annapolis City Marina is modern, doesn't have a lot of character, but is on the harbor with a decent view and very good food. Sam's Waterfront over near Bay Ridge is on a small harbor with a lot of views of large boats with excellent food and a generally lively crowd in a nice setting.

          1. With regard to the "area" consideration, I'd suggest Harris Crab House. It's across the bay bridge on the Eastern shore on Kent Island. You have a great view of the water during sunset, as the restaurant has huge glass windows, and during the summer/spring, you can sit on the roof and dine there.

            At Cantler's, there's not much of a view, especially especially during the winter when you are locked inside this run down looking shack. They may close and heat the outside shelter, but still, there's nothing to see through the translucent vinyl but a small river, and parking is atrocious. Getting there is not too bad, but it may be scary doing down the hill if it's icy b/c it feels like you're going to drive right into the creek on this one lane road. Even still, Harris's got better crabcakes.