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Feb 14, 2007 06:26 PM

Traditional Veggie Samosa search

I read the latest link from Nov. 2006 and I had been going to Embassy King for samosas but they have changed their recipe and their pastry is no longer the traditional chickpea flour taste that I love. If you know what I am talking about and know of any good places for samosas with the traditional dough, I'd appreciate knowing where the best places to get them would be in the GTA. From the previous link in Nov. only Kwality in Brampton sounded like it might have what I'm looking for. Any there others?

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  1. Sweet India and the other tiny take-out shops along Airport Road by Derry are still "traditional" and very cheap if you buy a frozen box.

    I picked up a bunch from Kwality nearby last time I went to a potluck (2 for $1) and they were a bit hit.

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      I'm still on Kwality Sweets' side for samosas but you can always troll around the Steeles-Torbram area and the airport for more.