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Feb 14, 2007 05:54 PM

Vij's Vancouver

Anyone agree that this is a great restaurant? Several people told me that it was worth the wait... and they were absolutely right! Bought the cookbook and just made a great valentines dinner based on one of the recipes... yummy!

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  1. Definitely a fantastic restaurant!

    1. I love this place. Best Indian food in Vancouver and my freezer is stocked with frozen curries from Rangoli's in case I cant be bothered to line up. Vikram is just such a fabulous host.

      1. Fabulous place.
        Food, drinks, service, decor, ambiance. Even waiting for a table is a treat with the free appies/amuses to get the tummy juices flowing.
        GO TO VIJS
        Da Cook

        1. what did you make from the cookbook? i just bought it myself but haven't tried anything yet...

          1. Made the lime leaf curry and sub'd chicken thighs for duck breasts, also, as kaffir lime leaves aren't readily available where i live, I used lime zest... everyone loved it. am rarely ever able to follow recipes as written, but tried hard with this one.... it was worth it.