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Vij's Vancouver

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Anyone agree that this is a great restaurant? Several people told me that it was worth the wait... and they were absolutely right! Bought the cookbook and just made a great valentines dinner based on one of the recipes... yummy!

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  1. Definitely a fantastic restaurant!

    1. I love this place. Best Indian food in Vancouver and my freezer is stocked with frozen curries from Rangoli's in case I cant be bothered to line up. Vikram is just such a fabulous host.

      1. Fabulous place.
        Food, drinks, service, decor, ambiance. Even waiting for a table is a treat with the free appies/amuses to get the tummy juices flowing.
        GO TO VIJS
        Da Cook

        1. what did you make from the cookbook? i just bought it myself but haven't tried anything yet...

          1. Made the lime leaf curry and sub'd chicken thighs for duck breasts, also, as kaffir lime leaves aren't readily available where i live, I used lime zest... everyone loved it. am rarely ever able to follow recipes as written, but tried hard with this one.... it was worth it.

            1. Just ate there last night...and have to agree that it was fantastic! Hubby was a little skeptical about the idea of "fusion Indian" (He is East Indian, and very much a traditionalist when it comes to Indian food), but even he was won over.

              BTW, we arrived at 5:30 (opening) to find a line. And naturally we were the first people to not be seated....so had to wait in the bar an hour. But it was ok: we ended up meeting some fun people and having a few beers and trying all the snacks that were passed around...and all was good!!

              Dinner itself was delicious. We started with the prawns appetizer..and as soon as I took a bite I regretted that it was the only seafood dish we had ordered. The prawns were SO fresh. Then we shared three mains among the three of us, but frankly two might have been enough: the lamb popsicles (I love lamb, and these were wonderful...with a creamy sauce), the beef filet (very tender!), and the coriander quail cakes. Each dish was delicious and different from the others.

              For desert two of us had the mango-pistachio kulfi. It was a traditional kulfi, with silver leaf "trimming", and was very well made. Yum! I had something really different...some type of chocolates made with garam masala. I guess Vikram paired up with a local chocolate maker to make these....the server told me the name of the chocolatier but since I'm not from Vancouver it didn't mean anything to me....but I had to try them anyway...just sounded too different. It WAS different, but delicious as well...the spice wasn't overwhelming but aromatic. Somehow it worked.

              We will definitely go back the next time we visit your fair city. After all, we have to work our way through the menu!

              Vikram has a way with spices, and all ingredients are very fresh and good quality. Dinner for three with a couple of rounds of drinks, tax and tip was around $180 Canadian. Definitely worth it!

              1. Hubby and I just visited Vancouver for 3 days from San Francisco. I did some research on this board prior to our visit and picked Vij and Bin 941. Vij's is definitely a FANTASTIC restaurant. The lamb popsicles, the short ribs, the complimentary soup and little snacks (sorry don't know the name) were all so tasty. The bill was so reasonable, given the quality of the food and the service. Oh, the wait staff also didn't try to up sell us with mineral water which is very refreshing coming from the SF Bay Area. Thanks for writing about it.

                By the way, for those who don't know, I do want to share that I stood in line about 20 mins before the door open to make sure we got a table at the first seating. On that night, we were lucky enough to grab the last table for two. There is a bar/waiting area at the back but who would want to wait for another hour and a half when I was ready to eat.

                1. We ate there last August while visiting in Vancouver, on the recommendation of this board. I was a little nervous about it (as the person who made my family go there, and wait half an hour for a table), because we live in Chicago very near Devon Avenue, the Midwestern center for Indian food, and we eat a lot of Indian food. So we have high standards, strong opinions, and it was unclear whether we would appreciate "fusion" or not. All four of us loved it. Every dish we ordered was fabulous. Really a one of a kind place. (The other place recommended by the board which we just loved, once we found it, was Go Fish. I was obsessed with finding it (misunderstood the directions and thought it was on Granville Island), and my kids thought I was crazy, until they tasted the food.)